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An autonomous vehicle and method for controlling it includes an input unit to receive one or more travel orders, a route planning unit containing at least one position finding device and digital street map, a vehicle path generating a unit, an array of sensors including at least one range sensor for ...

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For simultaneous viewing, for example, of a stretch of roadway in front of a vehicle, with telephoto and wide-angle images, an electronic receiver receives telephoto and wide-angle image information from an input optical system. In one example, a telephoto lens and a wide-angle lens have individual ...

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A motor vehicle has an exterior coating. A fluorescing and/or phosphorescing substance is added to the exterior coating or forms a part of the exterior coating. The fluorescing and/or phosphorescing substance serves to emit light, in particular red, green and/or blue light, in a visible range upon i ...

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In the method and arrangement for avoiding and/or minimizing collision situations in road traffic described in the specification, a first plurality of sensors provides a representation of the surroundings of the motor vehicle, a second plurality of sensors senses the vehicle operating characteristic ...

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A system and method to interactively converse with a cognitively overloaded user of a device, includes maintaining a knowledge base of information regarding the device and a domain, organizing the information in at least one of a relational manner and an ontological manner, receiving speech from the ...

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A display arrangement to display data on a mirror surface of a motor vehicle surrounded by a housing includes at least one light-emitting element and a corresponding light guide having one end face to receive light from the light-emitting element and another end face located in the housing substanti ...

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The present invention relates to a method and a device for surveillance of the rearward observation area, specific to the outside mirror(s) of motor vehicles, in which the aforesaid observation area is divided into at least two observation zones (

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A twin-clutch transmission has first and second transmission input shafts and a transmission output shaft, each input shaft having an associated friction clutch. In the initial state, the first clutch transmits engine torque in a state of static friction and the second clutch is open. In a shifting ...

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A safety arrangement for protecting a vehicle occupant during a side collision provides airbags laterally adjacent to the head and torso portions of the occupant. The airbags are fillable with propellant gas by at least one gas generator contained in the same unit as the airbags in response to a sig ...