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Disclosed herein is a method of providing one or more transaction card services to a holder of a transaction card, the method comprising receiving a registration code from the holder, wherein the registration code is associated with the issuer of the transaction card and with the transaction card, d ...

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Systems and methods to summarize transaction data via cluster analysis and factor analysis. In one aspect, a method includes identifying at least one set of clusters based on a cluster analysis of transaction records to group entities, identifying a plurality of factors based on a factor analysis of ...

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Systems and method for improved consumer and portable consumer device authentication are disclosed. Such systems and methods may include using dynamic verification values, challenge questions, and consumer notification as ways to prevent fraudulent transactions from being conducted.

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A transaction terminal (10) transmits transaction information plus an encrypted PIN (personal identification number) to its associated acquirer station (12) the PIN being encrypted using a session key KS1 extracted at the terminal and decrypted using a first master key. The acquirer station sends on ...

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A central host computer (20) is connected to a plurality of transaction card issuing institutions (e.g. banks) 24 and to a plurality of transaction terminals (22). The host (20) generates a master key which is distributed to all terminals (22), and generates a plurality of secondary keys, one for ea ...

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A method and system of payment portfolio optimization that retrieves information associated with consumers in a consumer portfolio, separates by a diagnostics module on a computer the consumers into consumer segments based on segment definitions, analyzes by a diagnostics module on the computer the ...

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A method is used in a system that includes a financial service provider coordinating accounts issued by an issuer to cardholders requesting credit from merchants. The method can be performed by a merchant sending a transmission to its acquirer including a request for a transaction against one accoun ...

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Offers from multiple entities provide an incentive for consumers to behave in a manner that is beneficial to the offer provider. Each offer is associated with rules that establish conditions that must be met for the offer to be valid. For example, a rule may be established to promote the use a speci ...

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Methods and systems are disclosed for allowing financial transactions to be conducted using mobile phones. A payer initiates a transaction by sending a payment request message from a mobile phone which specifies the payee and amount to be paid. Payees are identified by unique aliases, which are main ...

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A method for customizing alerts and notifications for portable consumer device transactions is disclosed. One embodiment of the invention is directed to a method comprising receiving information that a transaction associated with a portable consumer device is occurring, and providing an alert to a c ...