Gutman Levitan: Integrated virtual telecommunication system for E-commerce. Virtel Corporation, Ilya Zborovsky, January 26, 1999: US05864823 (350 worldwide citation)

A system for distribution of advertisements to interested recipients only via one-way nonaddressable television media and for transmission of orders from recipients to advertisers via two-way addressable Internet media. A system for electronic delivery of newspapers, magazines, books, music, video a ...

Gutman Levitan: Internet access via one-way television channels. Virtel Corporation, I Zborovsky, February 24, 2004: US06698023 (60 worldwide citation)

A system using one-way TV channels to provide access to Internet content which, unlike e-mail, is not intended for a particular person but rather for an audience. An Internet server at a television transmission center downloads Web pages from Internet sites and retransmits them via a television netw ...

Gutman Levitan: System for pseudo-interactive internet access. Virtel Corporation, Ilya Zborovsky, November 15, 2005: US06965913 (7 worldwide citation)

The invention is an Internet access system reducing Internet traffic and delays in content presentation. It puts together interactivity of the Internet and congestion-free content delivery inherent in broadcast radio and television. An access server located at a broadcast center receives clients req ...

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