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In a reproduction apparatus, for reproducing an original signal conveyed as main data by a data medium such as a recording disk or broadcasting system, with medium protection data which are specific to the data medium being conveyed together with the main data, the apparatus includes a section (12) ...

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A disk stores data groups (GOP) of compressed picture data arranged over sectors. A 1st data indicative of a compression method and a 2nd data indicative of the presence of the GOP are contained in a leading sector. Data D (independent frame) is located at the head of the GOP. The 1st and 2nd data a ...

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A circuit arrangement for different color light emission, comprises first series circuit of a first light-emitting element having a given color, a diode, and a resistor; and a second series circuit of a second light-emitting element having another color and a collector-emitter path of a transistor, ...

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A variable transfer rate data reproduction system is provided which performs a reproduction operation and a reproduction inhibit operation cyclically to reproduce data recorded on a recording disc. A pickup traces a spiral track formed on the recording disc during the reproduction operation and is a ...

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A signal transmitting apparatus using orthogonal frequency division multiplexing includes an inverse fast Fourier transform circuit for converting a digital information signal into a first multi-value QAM modulation signal. A guard interval setting circuit is operative for periodically generating a ...

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A display matrix substrate capable of minimizing an adverse effect of a defective switching element developed in the display matrix substrate. On a substrate

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A sampling frequency converter for converting a first signal sampled at a first sampling frequency f1 into a second signal sampled at a second sampling frequency f2 comprising an interpolation device supplied with the first signal, for inserting L-1 zeros (L is an integer) for every sampling time, a ...

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A method for recording information intermittently on a write-once recording medium, comprising the steps of; providing on the recording medium a volume management area and a data area, recording an information and a management information for managing the information recorded, to the data area and t ...

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In an inter-frame predictive encoding system, reference frames are set. The reference frames are separated at equal intervals. The reference frames are selected from successively inputted frames of a video signal. Each of the reference frames is encoded. A prediction signal for a dependent frame bet ...