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An electrochemical secondary element with a non-aqueous electrolyte, whose charge/discharge mechanism is predicated upon the reversible intercalation of active Li+ ions in electrode materials having an open skeletal structure. The positive electrode is essentially a lithium-manganese spinel of the t ...

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Combined operation between a lithium high-energy cell of the Li/H.sub.2 O or Li/H.sub.2 O.sub.2 system, a fuel cell, and if appropriate a storage battery can be carried out with favorable energy balance by producing on the one hand so much CO.sub.2 using a methanol reformer in accordance with ##STR1 ...

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Multi-cell battery cooling is accomplished by cooling elements immersed in the cell-top electrolyte. The elements have high heat conductivity and electric resistance. The cooling medium has low electric resistance. Various configurations of circulatory flow paths provide various utilizations for the ...

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The invention relates to a lithium ion cell, comprising a positive electrode which contains a chalkogen compound, containing lithium, of a transition metal, a non-aqueous electrolyte and a negative electrode which is separator-isolated and contains carbon, which is characterized in that the cell con ...

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In a galvanic primary element of the system Li/H.sub.2 O.sub.2, the aqueous cathode depolarizer H.sub.2 O.sub.2 is fixated as a polyurethane gel. It can thereby be controlled and caused to react with the anode metal in accordance with the current drain requirements. This is accomplished using a ram ...

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A galvanic element of buttom cell configuration is provided, in addition to the usual seal of thermoplastic material between cell terminal and cell cup, with an additional seal. This fills the annular gap which is created when a contact cap surrounding the galvanic element is attached to the cell te ...

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Changes in temperature during charging are sensed and the charging current increased when temperature rises and decreased when temperature falls. Charging continues to a potential limit which is independent of temperature.

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In an air/oxygen button cell the multilayer air electrode is reliably held in place between an inwardly extending rib which is formed in the bottom of the cathode cup and a sealing base which is associated with the cup forming the negative electrode. The sealing base acts like a domed spring under t ...