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A lift system for a wheelchair or the like on a transit vehicle includes a stationary main frame secured within a doorway recess of the vehicle and a side frame that is movable relative to the main frame. An articulated platform including first and second steps is pivotally secured to the side frame ...

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Data is recorded on board a vehicle and includes such items as vehicle speed, distance traveled and a predetermined set of operating events. The data is communicated to a computer where a computer program compares the data with a predetermined profile and performs an analysis of the vehicle performa ...

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An onboard unit consisting of a tape recorder, and associated data handling components utilized to provide records of vehicular operating information including speed, distance, power level, braking level, traction motor current and other control events. Each quantity is associated with an incrementa ...

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Air conditioning system for use to cool cabs of large vehicles such as locomotives, which includes a housing divided into upper and lower chambers, the upper chamber mounting the compressor and condenser and being exposed to the ambient, and the lower chamber mounting the evaporator and being expose ...

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Apparatus for railway cars to handle the ingress and egress of passengers through a door opening where the apparatus selectively provides at the exterior of the car at the door opening an adjustable height platform, steps or a ground-to-car floor platform lift. The apparatus is storable within the r ...

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A vehicular air cooling-ventilating system which provides cooled, filtered, and dehumidified air for the operating cab of a large off the road vehicle in a unitary package usually mounted in the cab overhead. Unit utilizes available hydraulic fluid power for all shaft horsepower requirements. A uniq ...

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A power operated retractable floor extension, extending outward from the floor of a mass transit vehicle. When extended, the floor portion bridges any gap between the vehicle floor and adjacent platform, thereby providing improved passenger access to the vehicle. Generally speaking, the extended mem ...

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A battery charging circuit for use in aircraft wherein a voltage-regulated alternator is employed to maintain a nickel cadmium battery charged. A temperature-dependent resistance element thermally coupled to the battery provides a reference voltage against which battery terminal voltage is compared. ...

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An air conditioning system for a railway vehicle operable from an applied high voltage direct current, which system includes an alternating current induction motor driving a variable speed, helical screw-type refrigerant compressor. A variable frequency AC drive circuit is provided to power the moto ...

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Door operator for doors on a passenger carrying vehicle such as a bus or the like for moving a door between open and closed positions and having a locking mechanism with a lost motion action for unlocking the doors prior to the door opening cycle.