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A disposable normally closed all plastic reciprocating valve is adapted to be used in a supply line for fluids supplied to or extracted from a patient. The valve is opened by inserting a tube into one end thereof.

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A camless aerosol valve actuator with a top portion mounted on and rotatable with respect to a bottom portion from an inoperative to an operative position. A first collar of the top portion has a side opening and a first central opening with a depressible finger pad mounted therein. A second collar ...

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A pinch operated dispensing actuator for dispensing materials from a container is disclosed with a first arm for engagement by one's thumb and a second arm for supporting one's index finger. The first arm is part of a lever arm which rotates about a hinge under pressure to provide a mechanical advan ...

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A method and system for versioning of applications is provided. A version of an application may be updated or rolled back transparently to the client. A list of resources in a current version of an application is created and compared to the list of resources in a new version. When a resource is not ...

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This invention is a total release actuator having a structure that provides a time delay between the activation of an aerosol valve in an associated aerosol container and the discharge of product through the actuator. The structure effecting the time delay is an inflatable and movable component whic ...

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A method and system for preloading data is provided. Resources are preloaded on a client before they are needed by an application. Application hints and static resources lists may be used to indicate resources are needed. The application may begin execution before receiving all of the resources asso ...

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An aerosol valve actuator with a discrete shell-like enclosure and a discrete, bottom mounted, actuating member with finger actuating pad. An opening with a perimeter, in the upper portion of the enclosure, is closed in non-actuated position by the finger pad which has a greater perimeter than the o ...

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A high volume aerosol valve with an axially acting high volume valve stem having upper, intermediate and lower portions. The intermediate portion has an annular gasket sealing groove with four large rectangular orifices having side-to-side vs. top-to-bottom dimensions in a ratio of at least approxim ...

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The aerosol valve of this invention in its novel aspects comprises a valve stem having an enlarged body portion beneath the valve stem, the body portion having a tubular portion extending from its base and a valve housing having an upstanding tubular portion with a sloped upper portion terminating i ...

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The invention concerns a modified valve stem portion of a movable valve body and a modified actuator button for use in a pressurized aerosol dispenser. A valve stem of the movable body and an actuator button member conjointly provide an improved product flow rate control or metering passageway and a ...