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Novel additive solutions useful for the storage of human red blood cells (RBCs) under refrigerated conditions are disclosed. Also disclosed is a method of using the additive solutions in an appropriate volume to preserve RBCs at about 1 to 6 DEG C for up to 10 weeks. Additive solutions and processes ...

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An apparatus and method for automatic recognition of concealed objects and features thereof, such as contraband in baggage or defects in articles of manufacture, is disclosed. The apparatus uses multiple energy x-ray scanning to identify targets with a spectral response corresponding to a known resp ...

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A probe for monitoring groundwater flow seepage velocity and direction has an electrical heater and a plurality of temperature sensors located equidistant from the heater. The probe with the heater and temperature sensors is lowered into a monitoring well and positioned so as to be immersed in the g ...

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The invention provides a Salmonella baceterial strain transformed with an expression vector comprising a heterologous gene operatively linked to an E. coli promoter sequence, the transformed strain being capable of constitutive expression of the product of the heterologous gene. Also provided is an ...

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1279961 Propellant compositions AMERICA SECRETARY OF THE ARMY 1 March 1965 [28 Feb 1964] 8735/65 Heading C1D A nitrocellulose-base propellent composition, which retains its physical properties over a wide temperature range, is made by mixing nitrocellulose, a plasticizer for the nitrocellulose, and ...

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Vaccines against infection by parasites of the genus Plasmodium, polypeptides useful as therapeutic agents to inhibit infection by malaria parasites, which polypeptides comprise immunogenic determinants from regions of a Plasmodium surface protein flanking a central repeat domain thereof and fewer t ...

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Using CTL epitopes to the Ebola GP, NP, VP24, VP30, VP35 and VP40 virion proteins, a method and composition for use in inducing an immune response which is protective against infection with Ebola virus is described.

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The present invention provides a helper cell for expressing an infectious, replication defective, alphavirus particle in an alphavirus-permissive cell. The helper cell includes (a) a first helper RNA encoding (i) at least one alphavirus structural protein, and (ii) not encoding at least one alphavir ...

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A highly improved elastomeric-composition, process, and articles made thereof, wherein the novel composition is characterized by greatly increased wear longevity, thermomechanical stability, highly improved tear and tensile strength at high temperature useage, in addition to high resistance to burni ...