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The SELEX (Systematic Evolution of Ligands by EXponential Enrichment) method is disclosed for the identification of nucleic acid ligands. A candidate mixture of single stranded nucleic acids having regions of randomized sequence is contacted with a target compound and those nucleic acids having an i ...

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A new class of nucleic acid compounds, referred to as nucleic acid ligands, have been shown to exist that have a specific binding affinity for three dimensional molecular targets. In a preferred embodiment the nucleic acid ligands are identified by the method of the invention referred to as the Syst ...

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Described herein are methods for improved partitioning between high and low affinity nucleic acid ligands identified through the SELEX method, termed solution SELEX. The solution SELEX method achieves partitioning between high and low affinity nucleic acid-target complexes through a number of method ...

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The present invention relates to a tuneable fringe effect capacitor for conducting radio frequency energy. The capacitor includes a thin film of ferroelectric material, a pair of films of a conductive material deposited on the ferroelectric film with a gap between the films, and a substrate for the ...

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Methods are described for the identification and preparation of DNA ligands to the HIV-1 reverse transcriptase protein. The invention encompasses specific ssDNA ligands to HIV-1 reverse transcriptase identified by the SELEX method including ssDNA ligands that inhibit the activity of HIV-1 reverse tr ...

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Methods are described for the identification and preparation of nucleic acid ligands to Substance P (SP). Included in the invention are specific RNA ligands to SP identified by the SELEX method.

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A method of aligning liquid crystals in the construction of liquid crystal cell for use in optical devices is provided. The method involves formation of a self-assembled monolayer on substrates used to form the cells. The substrate having the monolayer are then rubbed in one direction. Two substrate ...

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Method for enhancing the effect of a viral therapeutic agent in a cell in vitro on the viral target by tethering a localization signal to the therapeutic agent so that the agent localizes with the viral target in a cellular or viral compartment of the cell.

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Load-supporting wheels are rotatably supported by independent axle means for each wheel carried on a substantially horizontal arm pivotally secured to the vehicle body. A spring and shock absorber are mounted to act along the same line or along parallel lines of action on a telescoping unit having o ...

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Coal, whether in a sub-surface stratum or in large lumps as mined by standard means is reduced to fragments by treatment with compounds which weaken interlayer forces at natural interfaces present in the coal. When coal below the earth's surface is treated with such compounds, the fragments can be s ...