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There is disclosed an implant for anchoring in bone and/or fibrous connective tissue and to which a prosthesis such as a dental bridge may be connected through connecting components. The implant is of tapered design defining a wide top portion for connection to the connecting components and a tapere ...

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A device is disclosed for use in connecting a prosthesis to bone such as connecting an artificial tooth or dental bridge to the jaws which comprises an implant portion or screw for connection to the bone, the screw having a head and a downwardly tapered shaft, an abutment portion for connection to t ...

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The invention provides an edible fat product for incorporation into a formula suitable for feeding infants. The product includes certain fatty acids, namely, at least one of a C.sub.20 or C.sub.22, .omega.-6 fatty acid and a C.sub.20 or C.sub.22, .omega.-3 fatty acid, found to be present in human mi ...

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A flash E.sup.2 PROM cell having source and drain regions disposed in a substrate, a channel region intermediate to the source and drain regions, a tunnel dielectric layer overlying the channel region, a floating gate overlying the tunnel dielectric layer, an inter-poly dielectric layer overlying th ...

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A semiconducting device and method of making the same are provided. The semiconducting device is provided with a gate, a source and a drain disposed on one side of a current carrying layer and a substrate formed from one type of semiconducting material disposed on the other side thereof. The current ...

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A process of treating meal containing vegetable proteins is disclosed. This process includes the step of extracting the metal with a suitable aqueous solvent in which the vegetable proteins are soluble to obtain an extraction solution. The solubility of the dissolved protein in the extraction soluti ...

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A technique using a 2-dimensional input controller such as a mouse, a 2-D trackball, a joystick, a touch screen, a touch tablet or a digitizer for rotating an object displayed by a computer controlled video display system in 3-dimensional representation. A user visible reference circle is provided, ...

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A device for timing and metering gaseous fuels into an internal combustion engine has a cylindrical solenoid cavity with a portion projecting away from the cavity containing a bore coaxial with the cylindrical cavity. The portion also has gas passageways. An injector tip is secured to the portion so ...

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Methods and kits for treament of glaucoma are disclosed. In general, the methods of the invention include administering a therapeutically effective amount of a deprenyl compound to a subject such that the subject is treated for glaucoma.

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A modified hemoglobin comprising hemoglobin which is cross-linked with a cross-linking reagent. The cross-linking reagent is selected such that the .beta.-chains are cross-linked within the 2,3-diphosphoglycerate binding site and the linkage distance between the .beta.-chains is between about 5 to 9 ...