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A reusable, miniature, implantable electrochemical sensor, a method of making the same, and a powder therefor are provided. Enzyme material is immobilized on bulk particulate matter, and a reaction chamber of the sensor is then filled therewith. The sensor is implanted in an environment where it com ...

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An arrangement for prolonging the useful life of an electrochemical refillable implantable glucose sensor employing an enzyme material such as glucose oxidase immobilized on bulk particulate matter suspended in a fluid for reaction with components of bodily fluids and which enzyme material when exha ...

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The characteristics of a biological fluid sample having an analyte are determined from a model constructed from plural known biological fluid samples. The model is a function of the concentration of materials in the known fluid samples as a function of absorption of wideband infrared energy. The wid ...

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A plastic surgical clip comprises a pair of arms having inturned opposing tips, the arms being joined by a bridge having a lesser cross-section to provide a locus for bending by drawing the ears in parallel directions against an intermediate support.

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An improved membrane electrode for measuring the concentration of a non-ionic species in an essentially aqueous medium comprising:

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A surgical clip is disclosed having a pair of spaced arms joined by a bridge that is deformed by pulling on a tang, which is connected to the bridge by a frangible neck. Also disclosed is a tool for pulling the tang, and an anastomosis procedure that may be quickly performed using the clip and tool.

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The present invention extends the available spatial frequency content of an image through the use of a method and apparatus for combining nonlinear functions of intensity to form three dimensional patterns with spatial frequencies that are not present in either of the individual exposures and that a ...

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A tissue everting apparatus includes at least one elongated frame, at least one actuator slidably mounted to the frame and longitudinally movable between proximal and distal positions, a tissue everting bulbous tip, and at least two prongs which are laterally movable between open and closed position ...

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A surgical microclip particularly adapted for microvascular anastomoses is described as including a pair of arcuate legs interconnected by a bridging section. The clip is formed of a unitary piece of biologically acceptable, plastically deformable material, and further has two spaced "ears" to facil ...

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A method is provided for building improved calibration models or for improving modifications to these models or validation of the models used in the non-invasive spectroscopic measurement of an analyte or attribute of tissue. The method uses a matched reference sample and measurement of that sample ...