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Ventilation to a patient is provided in response to patient effort. The free flow of gas from a piston, or similar air source, in response to patient inhalation is detected, the instantaneous rate and volume of flow are measured and the measurements are used as control signals to a drive motor for t ...

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A method and device are described which are particularly useful for continuous on-line monitoring of hematocrit and other blood parameters. The effect of change in blood electrolyte composition, for example, in blood sodium concentration, is taken into consideration. This effect has been found to ch ...

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An endotracheal tube for patient ventilation is modified to permit measurement of pressure at the patient trachea by providing a chamber in the end of the ET tube to be located in the patient airway. This chamber has a highly pliant external wall with a degree of redundancy and is connected to a pre ...

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A novel ventilating apparatus for the delivery of air or a desired gas mixture to a patient by displacement of an electric motor actuated piston in a chamber to expel such gas while electronic control ensures that the force applied to the piston is of a pattern and magnitude. In one preferred embodi ...

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Method and apparatus are described for determining respiratory system resistance (R) in a patient receiving gas from a ventilator. A negative pulse in the pressure and/or flow output of the ventilator during selected inflation cycles is generated and Paw, {dot over (V)} and V are measured at a point ...

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Passive elastic and resistance values for a particular patient are estimated during proportional assist ventilation and other forms of assisted ventilation to permit reliable adjustment for volume-related and flow-related assist gains to meet continuously varying patient muscle pressure. Independent ...

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Provided is apparatus suitable for continuous long-term monitoring of acoustic emissions, particularly from large structures such as pipelines. The apparatus comprises a plurality of detector-analyzer units coupled to a central control unit via a communications link. Each detector-analyzer unit comp ...

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A method is provided for increasing insulin responsiveness and improving glucose tolerance in a mammal comprising administration of an effective amount of a cholinergic agonist; pharmaceutical compositions are also provided.

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A method and apparatus are provided for providing an ion transmission device or interface between an ion source and a spectrometer. The ion transmission device can include a multipole rod set and includes a damping gas, to damp spatial and energy spreads of ions generated by a pulsed ion source. The ...

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An improved apparatus and method for the analysis of ions generated by matrix-assisted laser desorption is disclosed. This apparatus and method enhances the mass spectral resolution compared to previous devices and methods by producing electrical modulation of the kinetic energy imparted to the gene ...