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Activity in different fibers of a nerve in an animal can be selectively blocked by applying direct electric current between an anode and a cathode attached to the nerve. The anode has base of silver foil with a tough shaped portion which has a first curved region coated with silver/silver chloride f ...

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A hybrid gene vector suitable for introducing foreign DNA into a mammalian cell comprising the foreign DNA ligated to an AAV genome; a method of constructing the hybrid gene vector; a method of transducing foreign DNA into mammalian cells comprising infecting the cells with the above hybrid gene vec ...

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A method for modifying the surface of a material adapted for contact with tissue of a human or non-human animal to impart biofunctional, bioactive or biomimetic properties to the surface comprising:

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Repeat fixation for medical procedures is accomplished using a non-invasive locator, specifically a bite plate. The bite plate has at least three fiducial markers on it. The fiducial markers may be LEDs, radiopaque markers for angiography or computerized tomography (CT) imaging or magnetic resonance ...

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A dowel is provided by obtaining a plug from the shaft (diaphysis) of various long bones. The dowel has an intra-medullary canal which can be packed with any of a variety of osteogenic materials. The dowel has a cortical surface into which an instrument attachment hole may be machined and onto which ...

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