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In order to make a yeast strain capable of expressing a desired polypeptide (e.g. leukocyte interferon D) which it does not normally make or use, it is transformed with an expression vector. This is obtained by producing a transfer vector which has respective origins of replication and phenotypic se ...

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A method is provided for predicting a property of a matter of biological origin, such as biological fluid, containing water, in a dynamic condition where the biological fluid may be approximated to contain two compartments where one compartment has a proportionally larger or smaller amount of water ...

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[en] Described herein are copolymers, and methods of making and utilizing such copolymers. Such copolymers have at least two blocks: a first block that has at least one unit that is hydrophilic at physiologic pH, and a second block that has hydrophobic groups. This second block further has at least ...

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A single-chain hybrid blood coagulation inhibitor is disclosed which has an amino acid sequence composed of two subsequences corresponding to the light chain of Factor X and LACI's first Kunitz domain.

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The present invention relates to synthesis of HBsAg in yeast. Yeast expression vectors comprising a yeast promoter, ADHI, have been constructed. The region of the HBV genome coding for the S-protein, excluding a possible 163 amino acid presequence, has been transferred to the yeast expression vector ...

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The crystal protein of Bacillus thuringiensis is an insecticidal substance. Unfortunately growth phase limitations are exhibited by B. thuringiensis in producing this protein. This invention, however, provides a plasmid capable of replication in a bacterial host species and containing expressible he ...

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The Apa I restriction fragment of the human erythropoietin gene, for producing high titers of biologically active hormone from stably transfected cell lines.

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