Benjamin Mattes
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Stable, concentrated solutions of high molecular weight polyaniline. In order to process high quality fibers and other articles possessing good mechanical properties, it is known that solution concentrations of the chosen polymer should be in the range from 15-30% (w/w). Moreover, it is desirable to ...

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A composition whereby pharmaceutically active ingredients such as the bis-anthracyclines disclosed and claimed in European Application Publication No. 0 004 467 may be effectively delivered to selected sites in a mammalian organism is made by incorporating the ingredients within uniformly sized lipo ...

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An electrochemical system includes a sensor module suitable for implantation in the body to monitor glucose and oxygen levels therein. The module has two oxygen sensors situated in an oxygen-permeable housing, arranged in a tandem relationship, and recessed in the housing, one sensor being unaltered ...

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A DRAM device has a first semiconductor region (18) of one conductivity on the silicon film of a silicon-on-insulator substrate (22). A second (16) and a third (14) semiconductor region of the opposite conductivity are formed in the first semiconductor region (18). A fourth semiconductor region (12) ...

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Methods and compositions for staining based upon nucleic acid sequence that employ nucleic acid probes are provided. Said methods produce staining patterns that can be tailored for specific cytogenetic analyses. Said probes are appropriate for in situ hybridization and stain both interphase and meta ...

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Methods and compositions for detecting the presence of malignancy in a host, and for treating such malignancy. Physiological samples are assayed for the expression product of a c-onc gene as diagnostic for the presence of malignancy.

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The production and isolation of bone morphogenetic peptide agents displaying the osteoinductive and immunoreactive activity of bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) and deriving from natural, sunthetic or recombinant DNA sources, and said agents.

Rutter William J: Deoxynucleotide linkers to be attached to a cloned dna coding sequence.. Univ California, September 9, 1981: EP0035384-A2 (64 worldwide citation)

The present invention is based upon a general principle of providing specific olingonucleotide segments (>, herein) to be attached in sequence to a cloned DNA coding segment. The linkers of the present invention confer desired functional properties on the expression of the protein coded by the codin ...

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DNA transfer vector comprising the genome of a non-passageable virus. The vector can be a plasmid and the virus hepatitis B virus. The production of antigenic protein by the expression of the recombinant DNA in a host cell. The enhancing of the antigenicity and the stability of the antigenic protein ...

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A device for performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation employs an applicator device (10) having a body (12) with an upper surface (18) and a lower surface (16). The lower surface (16) includes provisions for detachably securing to the patient's chest, such as a vacuum cup or an adhesive layer. For ma ...