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An improved job scheduling system provides for scheduling of a variety of jobs without special purpose coding by the use of time maps to maintain current data, including the preferred path through the shop, as well as scheduling jobs around bottleneck shop resources in a dynamic manner.

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A gas turbine engine (10) includes a translating sleeve (38) disposed within a downstream portion of an outer nacelle (20). A variable area fan exhaust nozzle (30) is defined between the trailing edge (32) of the translating sleeve (38) and a conical core cowl (26) disposed radially inwardly of the ...

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An optical fiber having at least two cores positioned in a common cladding can be fabricated to be responsive to strain or hydrostatic pressure but not to temperature through the selection of materials, spacing and shape of the cores and cladding in the fiber. Accordingly, the cross-talk between adj ...

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A variable light filtering arrangement includes at least one optical fiber section including a waveguiding core, and at least one permanent Bragg grating region in the optical fiber section. The grating region includes a plurality of grating elements constituted by periodic refractive index variatio ...

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A method of establishing a dielectric periodic index of refraction phase grating upon the core of an optical waveguide by intense angled application of several transverse beams of ultraviolet light, enabling the establishment of a distributed, spatially resolving optical fiber strain gauge.

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A data hub for facilitating and effecting data transfers between signal processors with high efficiency is disclosed. The data hub receives low priority data transfer instructions from a master CPU and is capable of transferring such low priority data between processors without imposing significant ...

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A method is described for the production of bulk rapidly solidified metallic articles of near-net shape, by depositing multiple thin layers of feedstock using an energy beam to fuse each layer onto a substrate. The feedstock may be in the form of metal powder or wire. Different finished geometries a ...

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A coated article and method for producing the coated article are described. The article is coated with a system which provides protection against oxidation and corrosion and which significantly reduces the substrate temperature. An MCrAlY layer is applied to the article to be protected and a columna ...

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A nacelle and mounting arrangement for a high bypass ratio ducted fan aircraft engine mounted external to the aircraft main structure is disclosed. The nacelle and mounting arrangement isolate the engine from the adverse effects of certain aerodynamic forces acting on the nacelle by transferring sub ...