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An apparatus provides a network combining a local site having a host computer and a specialized storage and retrieval module for storing image information which is connected to a remote site having document processing equipment working with remote specialized storage retrieval modules for storage of ...

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A method is provided to automatically select the correct order of backups from selected DUMP files in order to recover and rebuild a complete database in reduced time without requiring the user to search, find and select the correct order of items for the backup.

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Method and apparatus for providing a timely, automated re-assignment of resources, such as peripheral devices, memory, and/or processing capacity, among a number of host data processing systems. In a preferred embodiment, the present invention allows peripheral devices, such as tape drives, to be co ...

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A network providing a server using an object-database enables an author to create and store an original document, as a source file with a first format. Software in the data base will provide multiple sets of shadow file-converter groups connected to the source file of the original document. Each sha ...

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A method is disclosed for controlling a plurality of host processors from either a single remote workstation or a plurality of remote workstations. The user interface and level of control at the remote workstation is identical to that which is available at the host processor operations console. Oper ...

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An apparatus, method, and computer program for providing authenticating indicia and verifying the image thereby. One particular embodiment is a biometric application such as a fingerprint-based authentication system. The apparatus includes an image receiver for receiving the original image with true ...

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A document processing, archival storage and printout system such as for handling customer checking accounts. Original checks/documents are processed into digital image data then stored temporarily in magnetic media and transferred to optical long-term archival storage. The system retrieves and accum ...