Richard B Frost: Co-axial tube surgical infusion/suction cutter tip. Unisearch, Holman & Stern, May 21, 1985: US04517977 (183 worldwide citation)

Surgical instrument for accurately cutting and removing fibrous tissue comprising a first tube (11) having at one end an end wall (12) disposed in a plane substantially normal to the longitudinal axis of the first tube (11), which end wall contains an aperture (13); a second tube (14) coaxial with t ...


Ilya Geller: System and method for generating personalized user profiles and for utilizing the generated user profiles to perform adaptive internet searches. Mightiest Logicon Unisearch, Edward Etkin Esq, March 6, 2001: US06199067 (145 worldwide citation)

A system and method for automatically generating personalized user profiles and for utilizing the generated profiles to perform adaptive Internet or computer data searches is provided. In accordance with the present invention, particular linguistic patterns and their frequency of recurrence are extr ...

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A communications system suitable for use as a local area network (LAN) is provided wherein the network has a ring topology comprising a plurality of nodes 10 each of which is connected to adjacent nodes by links 14 and 15. Each node comprises a Link Interface Unit (LIU) 11, a Network Interforce Unit ...

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The invention consists of a method and apparatus for article sorting wherein an electronically interrogatable label is provided for and attached to each article, the label bearing indicia indicative of a serial number, instructions relating to the routing of the label bearing those indicia being fed ...

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An amplifier system comprising at least two tracking switching regulators or a dual-output regulator, which regulators vary the voltage across the output stage at the signal or its envelope rate.

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An electrostatic chuck for semiconductor wafers (10) uses at least three electrodes (12, 13, 14). Two electrodes (13, 14) defining a substantially planar surface and embedded in a thin dielectric film (11), are respectively excited by a low-frequency A.C. supply (15, 16, 17, 18, 23) to produce sinew ...

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Grooved solar cells are manufactured by scribing the surface of the substrate with a laser scribing tool, and optionally etching the surface to more accurately determine the surface profile, before performing the remainder of the processing steps involved in the production of the solar cell. Top con ...

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Charged and uncharged all-vanadium redox batteries are disclosed. Also described are a process for charging the uncharged battery and a process for producing electricity from the charged battery. A process for recharging an all-vanadium redox battery which has been at least partially discharged is a ...