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A lubricating composition is provided containing: a high viscosity synthetic hydrocarbon such as high viscosity polyalphaolefins, liquid hydrogenated polyisoprenes or ethylene-alphaolefin copolymers having a viscosity of 40-1000 centistokes at 100.degree. C.; a low viscosity synthetic hydrocarbon an ...

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A non-pneumatic tire ("NPT") is integrally molded from a stiff, resilient elastomeric material with particular specifications, to form a unitary structure comprising outer and inner cylindrical coaxial and coextensive members ("hoops"). The outer hoop is supported and cushioned by a plurality of cir ...

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A continuous outsole for a sports shoe has a profile pattern characterized by a first large circular pattern section at the area of the ball of the foot and a second large circular pattern section at the heel area. Each large circular pattern section has a center point that is disposed substantially ...

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Disclosed herein is a golf ball comprising a core and a cover, said cover comprising a polyurethane elastomer comprising the reaction product of:

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A golf ball having improved flight characteristics having a spherical surface with 252 depressions therein. 240 of the depressions are in the shape of inverted pyramids with hexagonal bases and 12 of the depressions are in the shape of inverted pyramids with pentagonal bases. The ball has two poles ...

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A two-piece molded golf ball comprised of a resilient core (polybutadiene-basic zinc methacrylate covulcanizate) and an ionomer resin cover, the cover having a dimple design of icosahedral array. This ball has superior flight performance compared to conventional two-piece molded balls.

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Thermoplastic blends of partially cured monoolefin copolymer rubber (such as EPM or EPDM rubber) with a polyolefin resin (such as polypropylene) exhibit good physical properties and are reprocessable. The partial cure of the rubber is effected by heating the rubber with a curative such as a peroxide ...

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Low molecular weight copolymers comprised of ethylene, an alphaolefin and (optionally) a nonconjugated polyene, which copolymers have a viscosity index of at least about 75 and vinylidene-type unsaturation, possess unexpected advantages as intermediates in epoxy-grafted electrical encapsulation comp ...

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Certain 2-(3-pyridyl) thiazoles are useful for the control of insects, and are particularly effective against aphids. Many of these thiazoles are new compounds.

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Safety apparatus for protecting an occupant of a vehicle during an accident comprising a confinement, or so-called 'air bag', inflatable from a collapsed condition to an expanded condition in which it is adapted to restrain movement of the occupant relative to the vehicle during an accident, and mea ...