William E Showalter: Geopreater heating method and apparatus. Union Oil Company of California, Gregory F Wirzbicki, William O Jacobson, June 30, 1992: US05126037 (264 worldwide citation)

A separate heat source, such an a skin effect heater, is added to a subterranean heat exchanger and oxygen combustion device for upgrading viscous crude oil feeds. An insulated wire is integrated with combustion oxygen supply piping to form the skin effect heater operating in conjunction with the he ...

Donald M Fenton: Recarbonation of spent oil shale. Union Oil Company of California, Lannas S Henderson, Richard C Hartman, Dean Sandford, April 5, 1977: US04016239 (227 worldwide citation)

Spent oil shale from retorting operations, containing water-soluble alkaline oxides such as calcium oxide is subjected to a recarbonation process in order to reduce its alkalinity and thereby prevent ecological damage to plant and aquatic animal life which could result from alkaline leachings derive ...

Mark D Mueller, Frank L Jones, Julio M Quintana, Kenneth E Ruddy, Michael G Mims: Well casing flotation device and method. Union Oil Company of California, Gregory F Wirzbicki, William O Jacobson, January 26, 1993: US05181571 (203 worldwide citation)

A ported float shoe (5) and a landing collar (16) are attached at a first end of a portion of a casing string (4) and a sliding air trapping insert (20) is attached at the other end. The air trapping insert (20) includes a fluid flow passageway (24) blocked by a plug (22) attached by shear pins to t ...

Mark D Mueller, William O Jacobson: Underbalance jet pump drilling method. Union Oil Company of California, Gregory F Wirzbicki, William O Jacobson, October 18, 1994: US05355967 (178 worldwide citation)

A method for rotary drilling and removing cuttings provides a underbalanced drilling fluid pressure at the drilling face but overbalanced pressure in the wellbore. The preferred method uses a rotary drill within a housing which also encloses a jet pump which draws and pressurizes the cuttings and dr ...

Donald C Van Slyke: Solvent soaps and methods employing same. Union Oil Company of California dba UNOCAL, Gregory F Wirzbicki, Shlomo R Frieman, March 3, 1998: US05723423 (140 worldwide citation)

Compositions comprising (a) a surfactant and (b) a diluent oil are employed in oil-based drilling fluids and processes for cleaning oil-contaminated substrates (e.g., oil-contaminated animals, drill cuttings) as well as in processes for cementing well casings, enhanced oil recovery, and lifting oil ...

Julius P Gallus: Corrosion and erosion-resistant wellhousing. Union Oil Company of California, Dean Sandford, Gregory F Wirzbicki, June M Bostich, June 23, 1987: US04674572 (121 worldwide citation)

Corrosion and erosion of metal well casings due to production of corrosive well fluids, especially geothermal brines, is avoided by producing corrosive fluids through an impermeable cement wellhousing comprised of inner and outer substantially continuous cement liners which envelop and insulate from ...

Mark D Mueller, Julio M Quintana, Robert M Hinkel: Coiled tubing drilling apparatus and method. Union Oil Company of California, Gregory F Wirzbicki, William O Jacobson, March 8, 1994: US05291956 (108 worldwide citation)

A low-cost method drilling and completing wells attaches a non-rotating jet drilling tool to coiled tubing. After drilling, the tubing portion outside the well is cut and the remaining tubing becomes the liner or casing for the well. By also using a residual bend remover, centralizers, and injecting ...

Brent F Chaffee, Brian J Kelly, Jeffery W Koepke, Michael J Kirby: Hydraulic fracturing of shallow wells. Union Oil Company of California, William O Jacobson, Gregory F Wirzbicki, December 5, 1995: US05472049 (106 worldwide citation)

A method for fracturing formations near a shallow horizontal well notches a wellbore at orientations such that later applied hydraulic pressure generates fractures only in preferred directions.

William C Allen, William M Rickard, Daniel P Hoyer, David E Stikkers, Matthew L Kelley: Dual gasket lined pipe connector. Union Oil Company of California, William O Jacobson, Gregory F Wirzbicki, April 11, 1995: US05405171 (95 worldwide citation)

A multi-piece, pipe joint seal has a slidable interface between seal pieces. The slidable interface allows for slippage between pieces during pipe joint assembly and disassembly, minimizing rotational and other stresses on the seal pieces and pipe sealing surfaces which may damage or endanger the de ...

Ward John W: Ammonia-stable Y zeolite compositions. Union Oil Company of California, Henderson Lannas S, Hartman Richard C, Sandford Dean, December 30, 1975: US3929672 (85 worldwide citation)

Highly active, hydrothermally stable and ammonia-stable Y zeolite compositions are disclosed, which compositions are useful as adsorbents, hydrocarbon conversion catalysts, and as acidic supports for catalytic metals. The stabilized Y zeolite composition is prepared from a sodium Y zeolite by a nove ...

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