You Ling Fan: Hydrophilic lubricious coatings. Union Carbide Chemicals & Plastics Technology Corporation, Paul W Leuzzi II, February 25, 1992: US05091205 (357 worldwide citation)

A new method is provided to impart a hydrophilic lubriciious coating onto articles such as medical devices. A device, for example a catheter, is first contacted with a polyisocyanate solution, to provide coupling, then contacted with a poly(carboxylic acid) solution to give a coating, and is then fi ...

Robert C Brady III, Frederick J Karol, Timothy R Lynn, Robert J Jorgensen, Sun Chueh Kao, Eric P Wasserman: Gas phase polymerization reactions utilizing soluble unsupported catalysts. Union Carbide Chemicals & Plastics Technology Corporation, M N Reinisch, May 31, 1994: US05317036 (196 worldwide citation)

Gas phase polymerization processes are disclosed which utilize unsupported soluble transition metal coordination catalysts. The catalysts are introduced into the reactor as a solution.


Ronald S Eisinger, Christopher S Hunnisett, Fathi D Hussein, Kiu H Lee, Kevin J Cann: Process for controlling particle growth during production of sticky polymers. Union Carbide Chemicals & Plastics Technology Corporation, B L Deppenbrock, April 1, 1997: US05616661 (128 worldwide citation)

A process for controlling the particle growth of a polymer in a gas phase polymerization reaction by using an inert particulate material and an unsupported liquid polymerization catalyst.

Kenneth L Hoy, Kenneth A Nielsen: Methods for cleaning apparatus using compressed fluids. Union Carbide Chemicals & Plastics Technology Corporation, J F Leightner, April 26, 1994: US05306350 (127 worldwide citation)

The application contains subject matter related to cleaning mixtures and methods for using such cleaning mixtures to clean apparatus which contain one or more polymeric compounds wherein said cleaning mixture is comprised of at least one compressed fluid and at least one active solvent in which said ...

Robert J N Bernier, Robert L Boysen, Robert C Brown, Leonard S Scarola, Gary H Williams: Gas phase polymerization process. Union Carbide Chemicals & Plastics Technology Corporation, P W Leuzzi, September 26, 1995: US05453471 (125 worldwide citation)

A process for producing polymers in a gas phase reactor by continuously introducing a stream of monomer and gas into a polymerization zone while maintaining the temperature within the polymerization zone below the dew point temperature of at least one monomer present in said polymerization zone.

Erlind M Thorsteinson, Madan M Bhasin, Seyed R Seyedmonir: Alkylene oxide catalysts containing high silver content. Union Carbide Chemicals & Plastics Technology Corporation, J B Mauro, February 16, 1993: US05187140 (119 worldwide citation)

Catalysts for the epoxidation of alkene, especially ethylene, to the corresponding alkylene oxide, e.g., ethylene oxide, which catalysts contain a high silver content on carriers having a high surface area and a high pore volume are disclosed. Methods for making and using such catalysts are also dis ...

Robert C Brady III, Francis G Stakem, Han T Liu, Allen Noshay: Process for producing stereoregular polymers having a narrow molecular weight distribution. Union Carbide Chemicals & Plastics Technology Corporation, John S Piscitello, March 3, 1992: US05093415 (81 worldwide citation)

Stereoregular polymers having a molecular weight distribution of less than 5.0 and an isotactic index in excess of 96 percent are produced by polymerizing an alpha-olefin having 3 to 8 carbon atoms in a low pressure gas phase fluid bed process at a temperature in excess of 80.degree. C. employing a ...

Walter T Reichle, Frederick J Karol, Gregory T Whiteker: Catalysts for the production of polyolefins. Union Carbide Chemicals & Plastics Technology Corporation, P W Leuzzi, June 18, 1996: US05527752 (76 worldwide citation)

A catalyst precursor is provided which is useful, when combined with a cocatalyst, in the manufacture of polyolefins. The catalyst precursor is of the formula: ##STR1## where M is a transition metal, preferably Zr or Hf; L is a substituted or unsubstituted, .pi. bonded ligand coordinated to M, prefe ...

Kenneth A Nielsen: Supercritical fluids as diluents in combustion of liquid fuels and waste materials. Union Carbide Chemicals & Plastics Technology Corporation, M N Reinisch, December 15, 1992: US05170727 (75 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to processes and apparatus in which supercritical fluids are used as viscosity reduction diluents for liquid fuels or waste materials which are then spray atomized into a combustion chamber. The addition of supercritical fluid to the liquid fuel and/or waste materia ...

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