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A synthetic vascular prosthesis comprises a hollow tubular base member having a multitude of continuous pores and formed of an elastomer material, and a hydrogel layer formed on the inner surface of the base member. The hydrogel layer is partly embedded in the inner portion of the base member at the ...

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A medical tube characterized in that it dilates at its cut ends toward the external surface when it is cut at any random portion transversely relative to its longitudinal direction.

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This invention is a composition having anti-thrombogenic properties, comprising as essential constituent components a polyurethane or polyurethane urea containing polytetramethylene oxide in its main chain, a water soluble and/or water swellable macromolecules, and a silicon-containing compound capa ...

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A liquid crystal display panel for displaying colored images while controlling a transmission of light therethrough, comprises a first transparent base (1), a first transparent electrode (3) arranged on the first base, a second transparent base (2), a second transparent electrode (4) arranged on the ...

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A pit (52) is formed in a substrate comprising a silicon wafer (51) on a surface of which a silicon oxide thin layer (53) is formed. A sandwich structure (60) comprising a piezoelectric layer (62) and lower and upper electrodes (61, 63) joined to both surfaces of the piezoelectric layer is disposed ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an antenna with a built-in filter with a structure for improving an isolation characteristic and transmitting and receiving characteristics without causing interference between an electronic circuit on a circuit board and a feeding terminal electrode even if the ante ...

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A laminated dielectric block (3) is formed by laminating dielectric sheets (31) each having a conductive film formed on its one surface so as to constitute at least one filter (2). A radiation element (1) is provided so as to fix to the laminating dielectric block, wherein one electrode of the filte ...

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An improved ion conductive solid electrolyte favorably emplolyable for an solid electrolyte cell comprises a cured product of an acryloyl-denatured polyalkylene oxide having a molecular weight of 200-3,000 and an inorganic ion salt. Another improved ion conductive solid electrolyte comprises a cured ...

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Disclosed is a polyamide composite material comprising (A) 100 parts by weight of a polyamide resin and (B) 0.05 to 30 parts by weight of a layered silicate uniformly dispersed in the component (A), wherein the reaction ratio of the components (A) and (B) is 60% or less. Disclosed is also a method f ...

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A novel ceramic composite of a solidified body consisting of at least two crystal phases of oxides selected from metal oxides and complex metal oxides, except for the Al.sub.2 O.sub.3 /Y.sub.3 Al.sub.5 O.sub.12 combination.