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A surgical device is disclosed which includes a handle portion, a central body portion and a Simple Use Loading Unit (“SULU”) [SULU]. The SULU includes a proximal body portion, an intermediate pivot member and a tool assembly. The intermediate pivot member is pivotally secured to the proximal body p ...

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A drive mechanism for use with a surgical instrument includes a rotatable drive member, a crank operatively coupled to the drive member; a clutch operatively coupled to the crank, wherein rotational motion of the drive member causes oscillating movement of the clutch; and a gear rotatably coupled to ...

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An intracorporeal grasping device includes a tubular member for entering a lumen of a human body and the tubular member having a distal end portion. An elongated core member is disposed within the interior cavity of the tubular member for rotational or slidable movement within the tubular member and ...

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A connector assembly includes first and second mating connectors that can be joined to make a fluid connection. The connectors are constructed to discriminate improper connectors so that no fluid tight connection can be formed with improper connectors. The connector assembly can be used with a syste ...

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A gastrostomy tube extension device which can facilitate insertion or removal of a gastrostomy tube by making the degree of extension of the gastrostomy tube constant. A gastrostomy tube extension device used for inserting and taking out a gastrostomy tube into/from a hole formed on a patient's abdo ...

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A disposable loading unit is provided which includes a tool assembly and a body portion. A drive assembly is movably positioned at least partly within the body portion and is operably associated with the tool assembly to operate the tool assembly. A locking mechanism is provided for maintaining the ...

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Biocompatible wound closure devices including an elongate body and a plug member are useful for wound repair.