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In a one way broadcast digital video network, Internet HTML Web page data is formatted to fit within a standard MPEG-2 data packet structure, and multiplexed along with other MPEG-2 digital video signals for transport within a multiple channel digital video system. In particular, the headend server ...

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An implementation of streaming video in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) Web pages combines video signals in MPEG digital television format with Internet World Wide Web pages in HTML format. Internet streaming video is transcoded into MPEG-2 digital video format and multiplexed along with other MPEG ...

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An iTV user interface includes a navigable menu area through which a user can select from among a variety of services and a content display area in which formatted data associated with a selected menu service are displayed to the user. The formatted data is displayed in a rotating or ticker fashion ...

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iTV content is created and deployed using a server component adapted to allow content developers to create applications according to an authoring specification that describes a framework for same; a transport component configured to optimize and deliver the applications to one or more clients; and a ...

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A data storage, multiplexing, and distribution method is provided for use in a digital data distribution system. The system provides simultaneous transmission of a plurality of uniquely identified, independent data streams within an assigned channel bandwidth of local, metropolitan and wide area dis ...

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A user interface arranged as hierarchical grid of tiles configurable to be individually and dynamically programmed for both content type and content placement according to a set of rules defining content placement and display specified by a content controller.

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A method and system for annotating a Java application file or ground Java application file to insert compiler hinting information such that a just-in-time compiler in a target environment preferentially compiles byte-code within the java application file.

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A user interface allows for blending of television program choices from which a viewer may select, the blending representing options for linear and non-linear programming presented together within a single hierarchy of a designated category. The blending may further include managed content relevant ...

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A method and system are disclosed to provided interactivity using an interactive channel bug. The interactive channel bug (e.g., an “interactive broadcast channel branding logo”) allows a television user to access a variety of interactive services. The interactive broadcast channel branding logo may ...

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A user interface for interactive television services is represented as a visual overlay that provides a viewer with knowledge of a library of available content relating to a currently tuned to television channel and navigation options for selecting desired portions of the available content from the ...