Wier Franz: Method of manufacturing a cable portion with a fastening member for a vehicle occupant restraint system and cable portion manufactured by using the method. Trw Repa, November 25, 1998: EP0879742-A1 (355 worldwide citation)

This new method connects a cable section (10) to a fastening termination (12) for a vehicle passenger restraint system. The cable section of desired characteristics, is given a plastic casing (14). This is then heated and the fastener is pressed onto the heated part. Preferably the plastic casing is ...

Anthony T Materna, Roger A Vossler, Frank M Stepczyk: Computer integration system. TRW, Noel F Heal, Sol L Goldstein, December 22, 1987: US04714995 (292 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for integrating independent computer systems with associated heterogeneous data bases having some common or shared data entities. The apparatus includes an update capturing module installed at each of the computer systems, for capturing update transactions involving shared data entities, a ...

Charles E Steffens Jr, Thomas H Vos, Scott B Gentry, Joseph F Mazur, Brian K Blackburn: Method and apparatus for controlling an actuatable restraining device in response to discrete control zones. TRW Vehicle Safety Systems, Tarolli Sundheim & Covell, May 9, 1995: US05413378 (291 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for controlling an occupant restraint system, such as an air bag (102), includes position sensors (80, 84, 86) for sensing position of an occupant and a weight sensor (70) for sensing weight of the occupant. Both the position sensors (80, 84, 86) and the weight sensor (70) are connected ...

Shi Ping Hsu, James M Ling, Arthur F Messenger, Bruce W Evans: Personal identification fob. TRW, Michael S Yatsko, March 21, 2000: US06041410 (269 worldwide citation)

Apparatus, and a method for its use, for automatically verifying the identity of a person seeking access to a protected property, such as a car, room, building or automatic teller machine. The apparatus, which is disclosed in the form of a handheld fob (14), includes a sensor (16) for reading biomet ...

Scott B Gentry, Joseph F Mazur, Brian K Blackburn: Method and apparatus for detecting an out of position occupant. TRW Vehicle Safety Systems, Tarolli Sundheim & Covell, July 19, 1994: US05330226 (235 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for controlling actuation of a vehicle occupant restraint system includes a displacement sensor mounted to the vehicle dashboard for sensing the distance between the air bag storage location and the occupant in a seat. An infrared sensor is mounted in the headliner above the occupant. T ...

Brian K Blackburn, Joseph F Mazur, Scott B Gentry: Occupant sensing apparatus. TRW Vehicle Safety Systems, Tarolli Sundheim & Covell, August 3, 1993: US05232243 (223 worldwide citation)

An occupant sensing apparatus for use in an occupant restraint system comprises a film having an electrical characteristic with changeable states and a contact member. When an occupant sits in a vehicle seat, the contact member pushes on the film and changes the state of the electrical characteristi ...

Engelbert Lu, Kevin McLaughlin: Recovery of calibrated center steering position after loss of battery power. TRW Automotive U S, MacMillan Sobanski & Todd, November 13, 2007: US07295907 (218 worldwide citation)

The steering angle of a vehicle is monitored using position sensors of an electric motor of an electric power assisted steering (EPAS) system. A position of the electric motor corresponding to the straight-ahead, center position of the steering system is stored in non-volatile memory during a steeri ...

Jaime L Prieto Jr, Jason R Kincaid: Onboard control of demand assigned multiple access protocol for satellite ATM networks. TRW, Harness Dickey & Pierce, April 30, 2002: US06381228 (175 worldwide citation)

An onboard DAMA protocol for use in connection with a processing satellite communications network, where multiple users are assigned to a common transmission resource as part of a sharing set. A media access controller (

Robert J Abel, Michael C MacDonald, Peter S Wang: Mapping and analysis system for precision farming applications. TRW, November 14, 1995: US05467271 (174 worldwide citation)

A mapping and analysis system generates agricultural maps and analyzes the agricultural maps to match farm inputs of a farming field to current soil and vegetation characteristics to optimize the productivity of the farming field. The mapping and analysis system includes an air-based device for gene ...

Mithat Can Dogan, Stephen Deane Stearns: Cochannel signal processing system. TRW, Michael S Yatsko, January 25, 2000: US06018317 (166 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for processing cochannel signals received at a sensor array in a cumulant-based signal processing and separation engine to obtain a desired set of output signals or parameters. For use in a signal recovery system, the output signals are recovered and separated versions of the ...

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