Desplats Andre: Declutching mechanism for a hauling apparatus through which runs a cable.. Tractel, January 19, 1983: EP0070230-A1 (395 worldwide citation)

Le levier de débrayage 7 est monté pour coulisser longitudinalement par actionnement de la poignée 8 en déplaçant l'axe intermédiaire 5 porté par le levier de déhalage 2. Un verrou pivotant 9, monté dans une extrémité élargie d'une fente oblongue longitudinale 11 du levier 7, interdit le mouvement d ...

Andre Desplats: Release mechanism for a traction apparatus acting on a cable which passes therethrough. Tractel, William A Drucker, March 27, 1984: US04438659 (172 worldwide citation)

A release mechanism is provided ensuring simultaneous opening of the two clamps of a traction apparatus for freeing the cable which passes therethrough.

Guido Gortan, Maksimiljan Cencic: Device for automatically stopping the fall of personnel working high above ground. Tractel, William A Drucker, May 2, 2000: US06056086 (16 worldwide citation)

The device comprises, inside a case, a tightening cam (7) hinged about an axis (8) such that, unused, it does not engage a belaying rope (2) passing through the case and, when the device is subjected to a set acceleration downwards, it pivots towards the rope (2) to tighten it to the case with self- ...

Cavalieri Michel: Cable traction and hoisting apparatus. Tractel, Linton Ulle C, February 4, 1975: US3863893 (8 worldwide citation)

This traction and hoisting apparatus operating on a loaded cable by means of a pair of control levers, one for the forward motion and the latter for the controlled reverse motion, comprises in a relatively flat casing consisting of two halves, two pairs of clamping jaws, the jaws of each pair being ...

Levardon Raymond: Endless jaw chain self-clamping winch. Tractel, April 24, 1973: US3729173 (8 worldwide citation)

The rope extending through the device is clamped in a groove of substantially semi-circular or part-circular cross sectional contour, formed in the outer periphery of a pulley, along a predetermined arc of this pulley, by clamping jaws of curved longitudinal configuration and part-circular cross-sec ...

Bernard Batreau: Automatic anti-tilt device for scaffoldings. Tractel, William A Drucker, December 9, 1980: US04237999 (7 worldwide citation)

This device is associated with a scaffolding suspended from at least two winches and is adapted to automatically control a safety mechanism when the scaffolding is inclined beyond a predetermined limit angle to the horizontal. The scaffolding is pivoted at each end to a stirrup rigid with the safety ...

COPIN PATRICK: Lifeline system for fall protection, rope grab, rope support and sleeve, Sicherheitsleinensystem zur Fallsicherung, Gleitstück, Kabelhalterung und Muffe, Système de ligne de vie pour protection antichute, coulisseau, support de câble et manchon. TRACTEL S, January 18, 2012: EP2407211-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

L'invention concerne un système de ligne de vie pour protection antichute d'un utilisateur, le système comportant un câble tendu maintenu par des supports et formant la ligne de vie, les supports (12) comportant des pieds (14) destinés à être fixés à un bâti, l'utilisateur étant attaché par une long ...

Desplats Andre: Twin clamp traction apparatus for cables or rods. Tractel, March 26, 1974: US3799503 (6 worldwide citation)

The apparatus comprises tandem clamps the movement and the clamping of which are controlled through pairs of links having a cam effect on the clamp jaws. The cam surfaces of the clamping links of each clamp are disposed, in each clamp, symmetrically in reference to a transverse plane perpendicular t ...


Andre Desplats: Electric hoist. Tractel, William A Drucker, March 6, 1984: US04434973 (5 worldwide citation)

This electric hoist incorporates a wedging-groove pulley controlling a free-end wire-rope and comprises an epicyclic reducing gear surrounding the motor output shaft and providing a high reduction ratio with a minimum axial length; the gear comprises a sun wheel rigid with the motor shaft, planets m ...