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A receiving case for receiving a gas bag is formed of a side wall portion secured to a fixed member and a lid surface portion thinner than the side wall portion by the use of a material having a comparatively high hardness and a ductility. Further, the lid surface portion is formed with fragile port ...

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Data for a map of a predetermined area is divided into a plurality of blocks, stored in an external memory medium such as a cassette tape, and loaded into a CPU when deemed necessary. The map as a whole or parts of the map can be arbitrarily selected and displayed through the operation of a keyboard ...

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An automotive driving instruction system which comprises a plurality of sensors including a vehicle speed sensor etc. mounted at various parts of the automobile, a computer for reading the outputs of the sensors for calculating the driving conditions of the automobile, and a replaceable external mem ...

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In a reed valve of the type having a base formed with one or more apertures through which flows a fluid, a shock absorbing seat attached to the upper surface of the base so as to surround the one or more apertures at the inner peripheral edge thereof, and a reed having one end securely fixed to the ...

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A feedback control type shock absorbing suspension system is inserted between a body including a vibration source and a foundation for suspension of the body. The absorbing system includes a suspending spring mechanism. A sensor mechanism detects velocity of relative movement between the body and th ...

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A catalyst for purifying exhaust gas composed of a catalyst carrier coated with a metal oxide material containing a spinel metal oxide of the formula: MAl.sub.2 O.sub.4 wherein M is Sr, Mg, Cu, Mn, Mo, Zn, Fe, Co or Ni the metal oxide coated carrier further being coated with rhodium and platinum and ...

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This invention provides improvements in method of and apparatus for reducing an emitted amount of particulates by collecting the particulates contained in the exhaust gas from a diesel engine by a trapper. According to the invention, firstly, an excess amount of the particulates which have adhered t ...

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The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a metal-impregnated body by immersing a porous ceramic or ceramic powder in a solution containing a chemical compound having an OH radical selected from the group consisting of water and aqueous solutions of methanol, ethanol, butanol, aceto ...

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An automatic angle adjusting apparatus for adjusting vehicle equipments to be adjusted to optimum angular positions to a driver such as a fender mirror, an inner mirror, blowing ports of an air conditioner, a speaker and a meter is disclosed. Amounts of adjustment of vehicle seat parts are detected ...

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This invention relates to a catalyst assembly for cleaning an exhaust gas wherein the catalyst and the carrier therefor are secured inside a catalyst muffler by means of expandable ceramic material. This invention also provides a method for making such a catalyst assembly.