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A container is obtained by biaxially stretch-blow-molding a resin. Except the mouth-and-neck portion, vicinities thereof and the center of the bottom portion, the container as a whole is reduced in thickness under a highly drawing condition without being accompanied by whitening, and a portion const ...

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The present invention is based on the finding that when a multi-layer blow-formed body is heat-treated, cooled and taken out, an intermediate layer of a gas-barrier resin in the multi-layer blow-formed body acts as a heat-insulating layer and if the blow-formed body is cooled from the interior by a ...

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A container closure comprising a container closure shell and a resin liner applied to the inner surface side of the shell, wherein the resin liner is constituted by an upper layer portion which is composed of a resin composition containing such additives as disoxidation agent, drying agent, deodoran ...

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In a biaxially-stretch-blow-molded container there is a method of producing the same. Redraw ratio at the bottom portion is small in the secondary blow molding without employing a complex heating system but in which a secondary article obtained by subjecting a preform article to the primary blow mol ...

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In a multi-layer blow molded container having a joint portion at least in the bottom portion thereof, barrier characteristics to gases such as oxygen and water vapor and liquids such as water, solvents, aqueous ammonia and salt water and interlaminar strength characteristics such as interlaminar adh ...

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A molded container having a wall composed of a thermoplastic resin oriented in at least one direction on the wall face, wherein the container wall has a layer of a blend composed mainly of a plurality of melt-extrudable thermoplastic resins, each of which has a solubility parameter (Sp) of at least ...

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In a plastic multi-layer vessel, by forming a layer of a resin composition formed by incorporating an oxygen scavenger, optionally with a water-absorbing agent, in a gas barrier resin, a combination layer comprising a layer of a gas barrier thermoplastic resin and a layer of a resin composition form ...

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In a vessel composed of a thermoplastic polyester such as polyethylene terephthalate, by incorporating a predetermined amount of a terminal amino group-containing polyamide or an amino group-containing compound into the polyester, acetaldehyde formed in the vessel wall can be effectively caught.

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A resinous composition excellent in processability and gas permeation resistance, which comprises (A) 30 to 98 % by weight of a crystalline polyolefin, (B) 2 to 70 % by weight of a saponified product of an ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer having an ethylene content of 25 to 75 mole % and a degree of ...

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A laminated composite sheet suitable for use as a packing sheet and a hollow container comprises an intermediate layer composed of an ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer and two outer layers bonded to the opposite sides of the intermediate layer, each of the outer layer being composed of polyolefins. A ...