Hagihara Shingo, Ando Akio, Higashimoto Akemi, Hasegawa Katsumi: Yarn transfer method in the windup operation. Toyo Rayon Kabushiki Kaisha, February 9, 1971: US3561688 (11 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for continuously winding yarn on a succession of bobbins. The apparatus has a travelling yarn guide mounted on a flexible member such as a chain or belt extending in a loop. The flexible member is driven in one or the other directions around the path of the loop. This crosses ...

Nukushina Kenji, Yokouchi Rei, Takehisa Yoshio, Ichikawa Yoshimitsu, Touma Kozo: Production of linear polyesters of high molecular weight. Toyo Rayon, November 2, 1966: GB1047072-A (10 worldwide citation)

In the manufacture of polyethylene terephthalate by (a) effecting an esterification or esterinterchange reaction between terephthalic acid or a dialkyl ester thereof and (b) polycondensing the product, zinc chloride or manganous chloride is used as a catalyst for the polycondensation reaction and al ...

Transparent thermoplastic composition of high impact resistance and manufacture thereof. Toyo Rayon, February 4, 1970: GB1180085-A (9 worldwide citation)

1,180,085. Graft copolymers. TOYO RAYON K.K. 8 Feb., 1967 [8 Feb., 1966; 23 Feb., 1966; 3 Aug., 1966; 1 Sept., 1966; 28 Oct., 1966; 8 Nov., 1966; 13 Dec., 1966(2)], No. 5985/67. Heading C3G. An impact-resistant transparent thermoplastic composition comprises butadiene rubber particles in an amount o ...

Yumoto Hirosuke, Harada Kazuya, Itoga Masaaki: Improvements in or relating to polyethylene terepthalate films. Toyo Rayon, August 4, 1965: GB1000361-A (8 worldwide citation)

1,000,361. Polyethylene terephthalate films. TOYO RAYON KABUSHIKI KAISHA. Feb. 28, 1962, No. 7915/62. Heading B5B. A polyethylene terephthalate film which has been stretched longitudinally and transversely is subjected to a first heat treatment at 150 to 250 C. whilst held under tension, the longitu ...


Process for the hydrogenation of nitriles.. Toyo Rayon, September 17, 1969: GB1164354-A (7 worldwide citation)

1,164,354. Hydrogenation of nitriles. TOYO RAYON K.K. 4 July, 1967 [4 July, 1966], No. 30793/67. Heading C2C. Primary amines are produced by the hydrogenation of nitriles with hydrogen in the presence of a base, alumina, water, a hydrogenation catalyst and optionally an inert organic solvent. In the ...

Polyamide composition. Toyo Rayon, March 4, 1970: GB1183086-A (7 worldwide citation)

1,183,086. Antistatic nylon compositions; sulphonated addition polymers. TOYO RAYON K.K. 3 Aug., 1967 [5 Aug., 1966; 7 Jan., 1967], No. 35694/67. Headings C3P and C3R. Fibre-forming polyamides are rendered antistatic by incorporating therein 0-1 to 10 wt. per cent of a water- or alcohol-soluble subs ...

Masaharu Shimamura, Hideharu Minakuchi, Hiroshi Sakai, Tsutomu Kuwabara, Kazuo Yuki, Takao Okawa, Tamio Abe: Process for the preparation of acrylic fibers with odd-shaped sections. Toyo Rayon Kabushiki Kaisha Tokyo, Sherman and Shalloway, November 16, 1971: US3621087 (5 worldwide citation)

Process for the preparation of acrylic fibers with odd-shaped cross sections which comprises spinning, as the spinning solution, an organic solvent solution of a polymer containing at least 85 mol percent of acrylonitrile, at an extrusion rate of no higher than 10 meters per minute, through odd-shap ...


Process for improving the antistatic properties of hydrophobic synthetic fibers. Toyo Rayon, January 9, 1970: FR2007379-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

The antistatic properties of hydrophobic synthetic fibers are improved by treatment with an aqueous mixture containing at least one copolymer prepared by copolymerization of a mixture of (I) monoester selected from alkoxy-polyalkyleneglycol-acrylates or alkoxy-polyalkylene-glycol-methacrylates and ( ...

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