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A surface-treated organic pigment excellent in initial dispersibility and long-term dispersion stability in water and an organic solvent and free from the coagulation of pigment particles, obtained by reacting a sulfonating agent with an organic pigment dispersed in a solvent in which the organic pi ...

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The present invention relates to an aqueous ink jet recording liquid of a pigment type, which liquid has excellent stability and printing characteristics; and also to a process for the preparation of said liquid. The ink jet recording liquid of the present invention is obtained by dispersing a pigme ...

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A process for the preparation of laminates comprising the steps of (1) putting a thermoplastic resin sheet or film and a metal foil or sheet one upon another with a specific polyolefin type resin being interposed therebetween, (2) heating the thus interposed specific polyolefin type resin to a tempe ...

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A method of indicating a time or a temperature-time accumulated value as a color change (degree of color development), which comprises providing an oxidation-polymerizable dyestuff and the oxidizing agent in a non-contact state and bringing the oxidation-polymerizable dyestuff and the oxidizing agen ...

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A light-emitting material for developing an organic EL device, which has the formula �1! or �2! recited in claims, and an organic EL device having layers thereof, the organic EL device having a high light emission brightness and a long life of light emission.

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A light-emitting material of the following general formula �1! for an organic electroluminescence device, ##STR1## wherein each of A.sup.1 to A.sup.4 is a substituted or unsubstituted aryl group having 6 to 16 carbon atoms, and each of R.sup.1 to R.sup.8 is independently a hydrogen atom, a halogen a ...

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A vinyl-group-containing dendrimer useful in coating and printing and is curable by any one of conventional triggers such as heating, ultraviolet light, infrared light, electron beams and &ggr; rays, the composition comprising a vinyl-group-containing dendrimer (A) comprising a core portion, branchi ...

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A pigment composition is disclosed which includes a pigment and a coloring compound of the general formula (I), ##STR1## wherein Q represents a residue of a coloring compound other than phthalocyanine, X represents --SO.sub.2 -- or --CO--, m and n represent, respectively, an integer of from 1 to 4 a ...

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A thermogenic composition comprising (1) at least one of alkali metal sulphides, polysulphides and hydrates thereof, (2) at least one of carbonaceous materials, (3) at least one of powdered iron, magnesium, aluminum and powdered alloys of these metals and, if desired, calcium oxide, the thermogenic ...

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An aqueous resin dispersion prepared by dispersing in an aqueous medium in the presence of ammonia or an amine a composite resin composition comprising carboxylic groups in an excessive amount and a reaction product obtained by at least partially reacting a specific acrylic resin (A), a specific aro ...