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An implant material comprising a porous base material wherein the voids are filled with a denatured albumin or a biodegradable polyester and the blood-contacting surface contains an antithrombotic substance. This material is excellent in antithrombotic activity and can introduce cells thereinto acti ...

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(EN) Disclosed is a light-emitting device material which is characterized by containing an anthracene compound represented by the general formula (1) below or the general formula (3) below. With such a light-emitting device material, there can be obtained a light-emitting device having high luminous ...

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Disclosed is a biaxially oriented laminated film with excellent scratch resistance and friction property, as well as excellent dubbing resistance when used as a base film of magnetic recording media. The biaxially oriented laminated film comprises a first layer containing a first thermoplastic resin ...

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A hollow fiber membrane module having a structure, in which raw water is supplied into a filtration chamber containing a hollow fiber membrane and surrounded by a first sealing body having the open ends of the numerous hollow fiber membranes constituting the hollow fiber membrane bundle, a cylindric ...

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Prepregs consisting of a fibre-reinforced resin having separate phase fine resin particles layers of fine particles distributed throughout the prepregs, as well as prepregs for making fibre-reinforced resin laminates having as a separate phase resin particles of which 90 % or more lie in interlayer ...

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A biaxially oriented polyester film having excellent scratch resistance and chipping resistance by the inclusion of particles (A) having an average primary particle diameter of 5-300 nm, an average degree of aggregation of 5-100 and a Mohs'hardness of 6-10 by the content of 0.01-5 wt.%. The scratch ...

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A method for inspecting biological samples for the presence of bacteria, and classifying the bacteria found, uses a probe prepd. by labelling DNA or RNA contg. a base sequence complementary to a sequence of at least twelve consecutive bases of the risosomal 10A of E.coli. More specifically, pref. a ...

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A moisture-permeable waterproof coated fabric having a microporous polyurethane layer is obtained by the so-called wet coagulation method using as a coated solution a polar organic solvent solution containing 8 to 25% by weight of a polyurethane elastomer, 0.1 to 10% by weight of a water repellent a ...

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Provided is an antithrombogenic biomedical material comprising a copolymer of (A) not less than 5% by weight of one or more polymerizable monomers having a polyethylene oxide unit with a degree of polymerization not less than 5 and a polymerizable carbon-carbon double bond and (B) not more than 95% ...

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The present invention relates to an ink applying method for obtaining desired sharp patterns while preventing bleeding and an ink composition therefor, in applying a low viscosity liquid to a polymer product such as fabric in the form of droplets according to the ink jet or spray process.