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A single stranded nucleic acid probe having a base sequence complementary to the gene to be detected is immobilized onto the surface of an electrode or the tip of an optical fiber, and the nucleic probe is reacted with the gene sample denatured to a single stranded form, and then the nucleic acid pr ...

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A plurality of electrode pads (14) are formed on a main surface of a semiconductor chip (11). The electrode pads (14) on the semiconductor chip (11) are electrically connected to the top end of an inner lead (19) through a metal plating layer (20).

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On an optical disk, video object sets (VTST_VOBS) (295) to be reproduced and video title set information (VTSI) serving as management information table (101, 294, 300, 304) on the video object sets have been stored. In each video object set (VTST_VOBS) (295), a lot of data cells (105, 284), each con ...

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In the apparatus for processing a color image, a data signal representing another information differs from the color image is generated by a generating means (103). The another information is embedded into the color image by varying one of a color difference and a chroma of the color image in accord ...

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A semiconductor memory device includes a plurality of semiconductor pillar projections (3a, 3b) separated by grooves (4) formed in longitudinal and transverse directions in a substrate (1) and arranged in a matrix manner, a MOS capacitor (6, 7, 8) and a MOSFET (16, 2, 6, 11, 12a, 12b) formed on side ...

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An apparatus for generating compressed signals, which can serve to record data with high efficiency, to manage data easily, to reproduce programs in a special manner, to search for data at high speed, and to achieve accurate image-speech synchronization. The apparatus comprises a video-data grouping ...