Shigeharu Arisa: Method for manufacturing semiconductor chips using protecting pricing and separating sheets. Tokyo Seimitsu, David S Safran, Nixon Peabody, July 30, 2002: US06426275 (71 worldwide citation)

The reverse of a wafer is processed after adhering a protecting sheet and a reinforcing plate to the obverse of a wafer. The wafer is mounted on a frame for dicing via a dicing sheet and diced. Then, the protecting sheet is separated from the wafer after irradiating the wafer with ultraviolet light.

Ichiro Katayama, Masatami Iwaki, Kazumi Ikeda: Apparatus and method for chamfering wafer. Tokyo Seimitsu, David S Safran, Nixon Peabody, July 31, 2001: US06267648 (69 worldwide citation)

A grindstone and a wafer are rotated at high speeds in the same direction. The rotating wafer is slowly moved toward the rotating grindstone to thereby gradually chamfer the periphery of the wafer.

Naoya Takeuchi: Appearance inspection machine and method for concurrently performing defect detection and classification. Tokyo Seimitsu, Christie Parker & Hale, February 11, 2003: US06519357 (65 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an appearance inspection machine comprising an image acquisition unit, a defect information production unit, and an automatic defect classification unit. The defect information production unit detects a defect by comparing two image data and produces defect information. The automatic de ...

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Sensors detect a stock removal of a wafer during polishing, and a CPU calculates the stock removal in accordance with information from the sensors. The CPU compares the actual stock removal detected by the sensors and a model stock removal stored in RAM, and determines timings for dressing and repla ...

Masayuki Kuwabara: Appearance inspection method and apparatus. Tokyo Seimitsu, Christie Parker & Hale, June 17, 2003: US06580502 (41 worldwide citation)

An appearance inspection method, and an-apparatus therefor, capable of acquiring high quality in-focus images throughout the entire zone of an inspection object, by acquiring simultaneously two images on different focal planes by.using two TDI cameras (

Akihiko Yamane, Osamu Matsushita: Polishing end point detecting device for wafer polishing apparatus. Tokyo Seimitsu, David S Safran, Nixon Peabody, January 28, 2003: US06511363 (36 worldwide citation)

White light from a light source is applied onto a wafer through an observation window which is formed on a polishing pad, and a spectrometric analysis is performed to the light which has been reflected on the wafer, whereby a polishing end point of the wafer is detected. In this case, an amount of t ...

Takao Inaba, Masaaki Oguri, Kenji Sakai, Minoru Numoto, Hisashi Terashita: Wafer polishing machine. Tokyo Seimitsu, David S Safran, Sixbey Friedman Leedom & Ferguson, August 3, 1999: US05931725 (33 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor wafer is held by a wafer mount plate, which is loosely inserted into a housing. An air chamber is formed between the wafer mount plate and the housing. A retainer ring encloses the semiconductor wafer, and the semiconductor wafer as well as the retainer ring contacts with a polishing ...

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Semiconductor chip manufacturing methods and devices are disclosed which store dicing data corresponding to the kinds of wafers, when data indicating the wafer kinds are input, read out the dicing data corresponding to the data input, and cut a wafer set at a given position to a desired shape in acc ...

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The front end portion of a rotational blade is accurately located in a non-contact manner although the quantity of wear of the blade has been changed. The structure is so arranged that a pair of prisms are disposed to oppose each other at a predetermined interval, either of the two prisms converges ...

Takeshi Kagamida: Grinding apparatus for wafer edge. Tokyo Seimitsu, David S Safran, Sixbey Friedman Leedom & Ferguson P C, August 19, 1997: US05658189 (30 worldwide citation)

A slide table is slidably supported on the slide stage which is moved by a guide screw. The slide table is connected with the slide stage by means of pressurization means. A rotatable wafer table is provided on the slide table. A grinding wheel for chamfering is used. The pressurization means is loc ...