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An adaptive control artificial wavemaking device comprises an air blower as shock wave source. According to the invention, the device further comprises a control system consisted of a float, a sensor, a control circuit and electromagnetic actuators; butterfly valves; and air chamber for generating s ...


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An ion exchange resin catalyst containing sulfonated styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer, a porous structure with micropore area and transfer pass networks, the transfer pass network is composed of main pass networks and branch pass networks, in non-swollen state, the pore size of the main pass network ...

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A reactive stripping process for continuously carrying out chemical reactions while separating the reactants from the reaction products is provided. The process comprises passing liquid reactants and an inert stripping gaseous stream in a reactor column (1) having a plurality of perforated trays (2) ...

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A process for producing high-quality polycarbonate grade bisphenol A directly by removing phenol from the adduct crystal of bisphenol A with phenol via a gas-solid reaction at low temperature comprises directly feeding the adduct crystal into a vacuum or pneumatic dephenolizing device under vacuum a ...

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The present invention provides a method, which can be operated continuously and has a wide scope of application, for destructing part of fines in slurry in a crystallizer to obtain large crystals having high purity and large crystal size, characterized in that first and second filters are installed ...


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The present invention relates to the field of design of analog digital hybrid integrated circuit. The object of the invention is to reduce ADC conversion rate thus further reducing power consumption of the sensor while not reducing line frequency of the CMOS-TDI. To this end, a digital domain accumu ...

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A linkage mechanism for a pick and place robot includes two rotatable drive members mounted on a base and connected to a platform by a respective two element linkage. The mid point of the two element linkage has a bell crank, the arms of which are connected to first and second location links anchore ...