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A user interface for multimedia centers advantageously utilizes hand-held inertial-sensing user input devices to select channels and quickly navigate the dense menus of options. Extensive use of the high resolution and bandwidth of such user input devices is combined with strategies to avoid uninten ...

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In a television system in which at least program title information for programs which are to be transmitted in the future is transmitted in advance to form a channel guide listing, apparatus is provided for searching the listing for specific user-entered information, and upon successful conclusion t ...

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An interface and a method for customizing program guide information containing program descriptions is provided. The program guide information is downloaded and stored in a memory, preferably in a generic manner. A menu is generated based on the program guide information. The menu includes program i ...

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A receiver for receiving block coded HDTV compressed digital video signals decimates the data in each block to produce NTSC resolution images but with a significant savings in receiver hardware.

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A portal for a communications system that includes a remote terminal connected via a communications network to a broadcast center. The portal includes a display connected to the remote terminal for displaying an arrangement of cells, each cell including a visual object and an underlying application. ...

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A video decoder provides an interface enabling a User to create, manage and maintain favorite service lists for facilitating User navigation through a complex array of multimedia services. The on-screen display interface system generates an abbreviated menu list of favorite multimedia services avail ...

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In a video decompression system for decompressing compressed image data wherein odd and even fields of video signal are independently compressed in sequences of intraframe and interframe compression modes and interleaved for transmission, the odd and even fields are independently decompressed. Durin ...