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A fingerprint-reading system includes a fingerprint sensor having an active surface sensitive to the pressure and temperature of a finger. The surface area of this sensor is far smaller than the surface area of the fingerprint to be read. The reading is done when the sensor and the finger are in con ...

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A device for therapeutic heating by hyperthermia comprises an emitter which focuses ultrasonic radiation into biological tissues and produces localized heating, especially for the treatment of tumors. The radiation emitter consists of a piezoelectric plate subdivided into annular radiating zones of ...

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The application of a voltage between the semiconductor and the conducting layers of a structure wherein said layers are separated by an insulator layer allow the modulation of a luminous radiation propagating through or reflected on said structure.

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A process for monitoring traffic for automatic vehicle incident detection using radar waves to detect the vehicles, their instantaneous speed and their distance. The process consists in correlating the information obtained regarding vehicles in one and the same distance bracket during two consecutiv ...

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A dimming device, with a brightness dimming ratio of 1 to 1000, for a fluorescent lamp used for the backlighting of a liquid crystal screen comprises a periodic signal generator for delivering rectangular pulses with an adjustable duty cycle. The pulses are synchronized with the image synchronizing ...

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A magnetic coupling device in which two assemblies of three coils are attached respectively to two mechanically independent bodies and form a radiator assembly and a sensor assembly. Each assembly defines a cartesian coordinate frame and is associated with a switching circuit controlled so that the ...

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This frequency multiplier circuit with variable multiplication order is of the type comprising a comb generator that receives, at input, a signal at the base frequency to be multiplied, and gives, at output, a composite pulse signal having a plurality of harmonic lines of the base frequency, said co ...

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An improvement in electro-optical display devices utilizing polarized light is disclosed, in which the linearly polarized light emerging from the display device is picked up by a diffuser and reaches the observer eyes after passing through a linear polarizer. The contrast is thus enhanced and the di ...

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A multiple-point temperature sensor, with optic fibers, uses the effect of variation in the birefringence in a birefringent optic fiber as a function of temperature. This sensor has a plane polarized, wide spectrum source coupled to a monomode optic fiber for preservation of polarization, along one ...

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An airborne arrangement for displaying a moving map and aerial-navigation data such as symbols and characters on an electronic display screen is disclosed. It comprises a video map generator for converting the map to be displayed, carried on a film, into a video signal of the television type, a symb ...