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A heatable dilation catheter includes an elongated flexible catheter which has an inflatable balloon attached to its distal end. The balloon has a heating element attached to it. A lumen provides a passageway which allows fluid to be introduced to inflate the balloon so that the heating element is i ...

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A helical balloon is attached to the distal end of a catheter to serve when inflated as a therapeutic tool for the removal of blood clots and as a diagnostic tool for physical measurements and the application of treatment and other materials.

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A resilient tubular graft is delivered into place within a body passage by elongating the graft to reduce its diameter and then directing the graft to the desired position while in the elongated condition. The graft is carried into position by a pair of elongate members mounted for longitudinal move ...

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This invention is an improved tissue localizing device for fixedly yet removably marking a volume of tissue containing a suspect region for excision without penetrating that volume. This invention also encompasses methods for deployment of the localizing device and its excision along with the marked ...

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A balloon catheter wherein the balloon is inverted within the distal end of the catheter for eversion therefrom and extrusion through a partially occluded blood vessel in response to the exertion of internal fluid pressure on the balloon. The catheter is designed to extrude through the occluded vess ...

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Elongate flexible elements are guided into place within a tortuous body passage by providing the elements with annular guides adjacent their distal ends and sliding the elements over a guide wire extended through the passage. Column strength to move the elements through the body passage may be provi ...

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A catheter of the evagination type is provided with an inverted-evertable non-elastic tube having a diameter throughout equal to or greater than the catheter body, an axially aligned end opening at the distal end, and a multifold configuration of the distal end to maintain end-sealing during inversi ...

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An angioscopy imaging system which operates under the control of a computer system includes an optical scanning system which is inserted into a vessel, such as an artery, for generation of an image. An irrigation system provides pulsatile introduction of flush solution to the vessel to create clear ...

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A dilatation catheter is provided at its distal end with an invertable-evertable balloon which expands longitudinally and then radially and is provided at the proximal side of that balloon with a sleeve balloon which expands radially.

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An open ended tubular sheath is provided with an annular guide element to facilitate placement of the sheath within a body passage. In use a guide wire is directed into the passage and the guide element is then slid over the wire to direct the sheath into the passage. Once in place, the sheath may b ...