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There is disclosed an implant for anchoring in bone and/or fibrous connective tissue and to which a prosthesis such as a dental bridge may be connected through connecting components. The implant is of tapered design defining a wide top portion for connection to the connecting components and a tapere ...

Michael T Clandinin, Janet E Chappell: Infant formula. The University of Toronto Innovations Foundation, Rogers Bereskin & Parr, June 2, 1987: US04670285 (109 worldwide citation)

The invention provides an edible fat product for incorporation into a formula suitable for feeding infants. The product includes certain fatty acids, namely, at least one of a C.sub.20 or C.sub.22, .omega.-6 fatty acid and a C.sub.20 or C.sub.22, .omega.-3 fatty acid, found to be present in human mi ...

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A flash E.sup.2 PROM cell having source and drain regions disposed in a substrate, a channel region intermediate to the source and drain regions, a tunnel dielectric layer overlying the channel region, a floating gate overlying the tunnel dielectric layer, an inter-poly dielectric layer overlying th ...

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A process of treating meal containing vegetable proteins is disclosed. This process includes the step of extracting the metal with a suitable aqueous solvent in which the vegetable proteins are soluble to obtain an extraction solution. The solubility of the dissolved protein in the extraction soluti ...

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A device for timing and metering gaseous fuels into an internal combustion engine has a cylindrical solenoid cavity with a portion projecting away from the cavity containing a bore coaxial with the cylindrical cavity. The portion also has gas passageways. An injector tip is secured to the portion so ...

William G Tatton: Deprenyl compounds for treatment of glaucoma. The University of Toronto Innovations Foundation, Lahive & Cockfield, November 9, 1999: US05981598 (48 worldwide citation)

Methods and kits for treament of glaucoma are disclosed. In general, the methods of the invention include administering a therapeutically effective amount of a deprenyl compound to a subject such that the subject is treated for glaucoma.

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A modified hemoglobin comprising hemoglobin which is cross-linked with a cross-linking reagent. The cross-linking reagent is selected such that the .beta.-chains are cross-linked within the 2,3-diphosphoglycerate binding site and the linkage distance between the .beta.-chains is between about 5 to 9 ...

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Mammalian synovial phospholipase A.sub.2 (sPLA.sub.2) enzymes are provided, as well as DNA constructs encoding these enzymes, methods of producing the enzymes recombinantly, and antibodies thereto. Therapeutic methods employing anti-synovial phospholipase antibodies are also provided, in addition to ...

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Water-soluble, amide group containing polymers such as polyacrylamide are modified, to render them easy to detect, by reacting the polymer in aqueous solution with organic dye molecules which can form stable carbo-cations reversibly in water. The labelled polymers can then be detected spectrophotome ...

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A local area network is provided with increased tolerance to faults by arranging multiple hubs in nodes in the network. Internal connections in each hubs of the same node upon detection of a failure to provide an alternate path for data transmission in the network.