Vincent L Vaillancourt: Extension set for drug delivery. The Telescope Folding Furniture Co, Kenyon & Kenyon, April 29, 1986: US04585435 (140 worldwide citation)

The extension set has two lumen for conveying an intravenous liquid and a drug through a common connector to a catheter for direct infusion of the drug to a patient. The lumen are connected in common to the connector or may be separated by a partition wall. In other embodiments, the drug carrying lu ...

Robert D Vanderminden, Paul Parker: Collapsible lounge chair. The Telescope Folding Furniture Co, Kenyon & Kenyon, April 30, 1985: US04514009 (48 worldwide citation)

The lounge chair is not only pivotal from an upright position into a reclined position via the use of telescoping arms of the arm frame but also collapsible from the upright position into a folded position via hinges at the rear of the chair. The chair can be easily transported and stored in the col ...

Robert D Vanderminden: Canopy construction for outdoor furniture. The Telescope Folding Furniture Co, May 6, 1980: US04201416 (42 worldwide citation)

The U-shaped clamps which secure the canopy to the chair are constructed with a reversely bent leg to prevent pivoting of the canopy towards the front of the chair. Each clamp is made of a one-piece metal blank which is shaped to fit over the chair frame and to receive a canopy leg.

Robert D Vanderminden: Sling chair. The Telescope Folding Furniture Co, Kenyon & Kenyon, February 24, 1981: US04252367 (21 worldwide citation)

The sling is secured in a front cross-bar which is pivotally mounted in a suspended manner at the front of the chair to accommodate the various positions of an occupant. A flexible plate is also secured to the front cross-bar under the sling to increase the contact area with an occupant's legs and t ...

Robert D Vanderminden: Collapsible cocktail table. The Telescope Folding Furniture Co, Kenyon & Kenyon, February 16, 1982: US04315467 (20 worldwide citation)

The cocktail table leg assembly includes three legs which are pivotally secured together in order to support the table top in a non-rockable manner. Each leg of the leg assembly includes a resiliently deformable tip for frictionally engaging against the peripheral flange of the table when in assembl ...

Borichevsky Donald J: Frame for folding furniture. The Telescope Folding Furniture Co, November 30, 1971: US3624814 (17 worldwide citation)

The back and seat of the chair or chaise are each constructed of a U-shaped frame to which a decorative sheet of vinyl film is secured and over which a clear or slightly tinted vinyl tube is wound. In addition, the vinyl tube is heat-sealed to the sheet of vinyl film along a pair of lines so as to p ...

Donald J Borichevsky: Canopy for furniture frames. The Telescope Folding Furniture Co, Kenyon & Kenyon, October 28, 1980: US04230363 (16 worldwide citation)

The canopy is mounted on the backrest portion of the furniture frame to pivot into a number of positions to provide shade for an occupant. The canopy may be secured to the furniture frame via a clamp means without any need to modify the furniture frame.

Donald J Borichevsky: Table with releasable top. The Telescope Folding Furniture Co, Kenyon & Kenyon, August 28, 1984: US04467730 (14 worldwide citation)

The table is constructed with a rigid frame and a top which can be snapped into place in the frame. The frame is provided with recesses along the cross-bars of the U-shaped leg frames in order to receive the table top. Each recess is associated with an overhanging lip which holds the table top in pl ...

Donald J Borichevsky: Collapsible chair. The Telescope Folding Furniture Co, Kenyon & Kenyon, June 16, 1981: US04273379 (8 worldwide citation)

The chair which can be shipped in a flattened position is easily assembled by spreading the legs of the frames and inserting a screw through a bore in the upper end of a strut into a threaded thimble at the upper end of the longer leg. The chair can be dis-assembled in reverse manner to allow collap ...

Robert D Vanderminden: Joint for outdoor furniture. The Telescope Folding Furniture Co, Kenyon & Kenyon, April 28, 1981: US04264230 (6 worldwide citation)

The joint is formed between two mutually perpendicular tubes by seating a washer in one tube, a nut within the other tube and by passing a bolt through the washer into threaded engagement with the nut. The resulting joint is hidden from view. A spreader bar is formed by joining the ends of two tubul ...