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A universal series motor having its brushes shifted at an angle against the direction of rotation is provided with a braking arrangement which removes power from the field windings and applies power directly to the armature winding.

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Signals are developed representative of the mechanical inertia of a vehicle simulator linkage elements that drive control members utilized by a student operator. These signals are combined with signals representative of programmed vehicle operating data and signals representative of the student oper ...

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An electro-mechanical system for providing an opposing force to movement of a simulated control member in a grounded flight trainer. The invention utilizes an electric motor connected to the control member by a flexible element which, in the disclosed embodiment, comprises a continuous cable with a ...

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This invention is a security system for computer terminals which system provides means for preventing the unauthorized access to digital computers from illicit terminals. The invention provides a local code unit which includes means for manually selecting a sequence of digits by means of a keyboard. ...

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A data handling system including a plurality of groups of data originating and/or receiving devices operable asynchronously and independently with respect to each other, each group of such devices being coupled with an associated data transmission controller by means of a common data channel for buf ...

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A dustless portable electric router comprising a base having a dust chamber formed below a motor mounted to the base to be axially adjustable therein. A pair of handles are connected to the base with a passage formed in one of the handles in communication with the dust chamber. A blower is formed on ...

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A method and an apparatus for texture generation for a digital image generator of an aircraft flight simulator is disclosed in which (a selected two of the three) coordinates of each pixel of an image are inverse transformed to earth coordinates (112-124, in FIG. 11) from which addresses are develop ...

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A general method of providing perspective transformations in a visual display system having an image generated by a scanned raster device such as a CRT or television projector is shown. The television display is a window out of which an observer views a simulated picture of terrain. The line of sigh ...

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The disclosure describes a memory system having a large bit capacity, capable of detecting, locating, and correcting errors. The memory is subdivided into several identical storage matrices wherein parity calculations are performed in the vertical direction within a matrix and in the horizontal dire ...