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A disposable absorbent article for absorbing liquids, particularly body fluids such as urine. An absorbent core is encased in an outer covering layer to which flaps are connected along the longitudinal sides at a proximal edge. The flaps also have a distal edge which is displaced from the absorbent ...

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A method and system performs Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) imaging microspectroscopy on a biological sample fixed on a substrate with a supporting surface that generally reflects infrared light while generally transmitting visible light. Infrared light impinging on the biological sample is refl ...

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Coating compositions, methods and articles of manufacture comprising a nanoparticle system employing same to impart surface modifying benefits for all types of soft surfaces, and in some cases, hard surfaces, are disclosed. In some embodiments, dispersement of nanoparticles in a suitable carrier med ...

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Wetness indicating compositions having improved colorant retention and durability and to wearable articles comprising this wetness indicating composition are provided.

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Liquid detergent compositions containing additive levels of organo-functional polysiloxanes are disclosed. The siloxanes are derived from poly-di-short-alkyl siloxanes by substituting part of the alkyl moieties by specific organo-functional groups, preferably amino-groups, with the proviso that the ...

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Absorbent articles such as disposable diapers, incontinent briefs, diaper holders, training pants, feminine hygiene garments and the like, that have a unique waist feature that improves the dynamic fit as well as the containment characteristics of the absorbent article. Such absorbent articles compr ...

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A wetness indicating composition comprising a colorant disposed in a carrier matrix. The colorant provides a visible signal when activated by urine. The colorant resists leaching from the carrier matrix by being chemically bound to a component of the carrier matrix. The colorant may be bound by ioni ...

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Method and apparatus for receiving parts traveling at a first speed through a receiving zone and applying the parts onto a carrier traveling at a second speed through an application zone. Transferring devices transport the parts between the zones. The transferring devices are coupled to programmable ...

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A cleaning composition is releasably contained in a controlled-release pad or sheet, preferably enveloped within an apertured, formed-film cover sheet to provide a spot removal article. The article is pressed against localized stained areas on fabric surfaces to release the cleaning composition in a ...

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An absorbent article, such as a sanitary napkin having a body-conforming portion or component that is capable of continuously adusting is provided. The body-conforming component, in one embodiment, is in the form of a resilient insert which has multiple arcuate portions in use. The insert has a cent ...