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The composition of matter is made up of tobacco in an amount of from 10 to 40% by weight and a masticatory in an amount of at least about 60% to 90% by weight of the composition. The composition is soft and easy to masticate and is able to impart a constant release of tobacco flavor over a period of ...

Luther B Pittman, Jennings M Agner, George F Hunt: Process of making tobacco pellets. The Pinkerton Tobacco Company, Kenyon & Kenyon, April 30, 1985: US04513756 (52 worldwide citation)

A blend of dark-fired and one-sucker tobacco and a cased cigar type tobacco are cut to obtain a shredded product. After the addition of water and a binder, the resultant mixture is heated, dried and then pelletized into individual discrete pellets. Various additives can be added prior to or during p ...