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The invention is directed to a process for producing metal powder through atomizing in which a molten metal stream is subjected to the influence of a plurality but correlated sets of atomization jets by virtue of which a disintegrating medium exits from the jets at a velocity of at least Mach No. 1, ...

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Nickel-base superalloys suitable for the production of cast parts for use at elevated temperatures in corrosive atmospheres contain in weight percent about 14% to 22% chromium, 5% to 25% cobalt, 1% to 5% tungsten, 0.5% to 3% tantalum, 2% to 5% titanium, 1% to 4.5% aluminum, the sum of the titanium p ...

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A novel laminated composite material of gold-colored appearance especially suited for, but not limited to, coinage applications has a ferromagnetic core located between sheathing layers of a Cu-Al or Cu-Ni-Al alloy and separated therefrom by layers of copper. Alternative methods involving hot and/or ...

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An improved process for hot working of dispersion-strengthened mechanically alloyed aluminum is provided based on a disclosed unconventional response of such material to thermomechanical processing. The process permits optimization of strength and workability and the production of aluminum alloys of ...

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An improved dispersion strengthened aluminum-base alloy and an improved method for producing the alloy are provided. A preferred alloy comprises, by weight, about 3 to 5% Mg, about 0.2-2.5% C, and about 0.3 to 4% O and the balance essentially aluminum.

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A hard surfacing alloy composition formed from an alloy containing correlated percentages of chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, manganese, columbium, titanium, carbon, silicon and iron, the balance being nickel. The alloy exhibits a good combination of hot hardness at elevated temperature and weldabili ...

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An electrode and sludge collector support device is provided which permits the immersing of electrode and sludge collector into an electrolytic plating bath and which permits the removal of spent electrodes and subsequent replacement of electrodes without the removal of the sludge collector from the ...

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A process for chemical vapor deposition of ruthenium on heat resistant substrates employing ruthenium 1, 3 dione compounds as volatile sources and causing the volatile material to impact on a heated receiving substrate in random fashion in a quiescent, low-pressure atmosphere.

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A composite electrode having a structural electrode member with at least a portion of one surface of the electrode member constructed from a continuous matrix of an anodically passivatable metal infiltrated by a metal capable of forming an electroconductive oxide and having the infiltrating metal at ...

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A process for treating anode slimes containing silver in which the silver is converted to a form soluble in dilute nitric acid, and in which after dissolution in dilute nitric acid, the silver is electrowon from solution. The process can be carried out by a route which is entirely hydrometallurgical ...