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A display device is provided which is adapted for use in conjunction with conventional shelf moldings. The sign includes a first portion which snaps within the molding and a second portion which extends therefrom. The second portion is foldable with respect to the first portion so that it may be ori ...

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A three-dimensional molding sign which can be inexpensively produced from flat stock and folded on score lines to produce a three-dimensional sign with one end portion anchored in molding and a second end portion displaying information, the second end portion being parallel to the end portion in the ...

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An integral plastic clip assembly is provided including a generally J-shaped body adapted for receiving a sign or marker, and opposing flanges for securing the assembly to a shelf molding. The assembly is substantially resilient so that it may easily be snapped within the molding. A clip portion, fo ...

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A slidable window sign is disclosed having a front panel adapted for securement to a window, a back panel attached to the front panel, and a slidable member positioned between the front and back panels. The front panel may contain indicia for viewing through the window without the risk of soiling th ...

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A clip is provided including a pair of arms for holding a sign or the like therebetween. The arms are affixed to a flat, resilient, rectangular member which is capable of being locked within the flanges of a shelf molding. The arms may be attached to the flat member in such a manner that a pair of o ...

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A display sign having flange members for removably attaching to the edge of a pan or tray and especially for attachment to a pan or tray having a rolled edge of any material or thickness.

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This invention relates to a display device having a self storing changeable message appearing on a display element that may be folded for insertion into a mounting member having two opposing flanges defining a channel and when the display element is engaged with the channel a selected portion of mes ...

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A message display sign is provided which includes a first panel having indicia thereon and appropriately shaped and positioned windows or openings therein. A second panel is provided behind the first panel and includes a second set of indicia. When in a first position, a selected portion of the seco ...

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This invention relates to a display device that may be constructed from a single sheet of resilient material having a plurality of color contrasting portions that may be displayed in various combinations to form a desired character, e.g. numeral, or the like.

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A method is disclosed for interconnecting a plurality of sheets, wherein said sheets are superimposed on each other and at least one of said sheets may be rotated about the point of interconnection. The disclosure is also of novel articles such as changeable price markers constructed by the method o ...