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A method of manufacturing polymer foam of polyolefin, rubber, or plastics other than polyolefin, such as polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, polyacrylic acid, or the like, or mixtures thereof, and particularly for manufacturing such foam in the form of a foamed slab or foamed sheet, is disclosed. The f ...

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Production of a foamed polyolefin composite sheet, which comprises milling the polyolefin with a cross-linking agent and a blowing agent homogeneously to obtain a composition, moulding the composition into a sheet, adhering the sheet with a lining such as cloth or paper by means of an adhesive to fo ...

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A silver-coated electric material wherein a partial or total surface of an electroconductive or non-electroconductive substrate is provided with a coating of silver or silver alloy, having the first intermediate coating layer made of Ni, Co, Cr, Pd or their alloys and the second intermediate coating ...

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Corrosion and wear resistant nickel alloys are disclosed wherein 1-50 at. % of the Ni atoms is substituted by one or more of Fe, Mo, Co and Cr and 0-10 at. % of Ti atoms is substituted by Zr. The Ni atoms and Ti atoms are contained in an alloy consisting of 45-53 at. % of Ti and the remainder of Ni.

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A takedown reel having a pair of drum-forming resilient plates hinged together at opposite ends thereof and a pair of flanges. The drum-forming plates can be shaped into a cylindrical form against the resiliency thereof, so that the flanges can be detachably secured thereto by a separate fastening m ...

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A traverse apparatus for guiding linear product or the like in winding the product on a reel, which traverse apparatus includes an arm pivotally carried by a traverser so as to extend toward the reel, and a product-engaging guide member pivotally connected to the extended free end of the arm. The gu ...

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A flat cable which has a connection termination with interlayer peeling films interposed between conductors and insulating films at predetermined intervals along a length of the flat cable. When connecting the flat cable, by cutting the termination with the interlayer films, the insulating film ends ...

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A process for producing molded product composed of crosslinked resin or coated material composed of crosslinked resin on a substrate which comprises blending a polyolefin-series resin, a compound represented by the formula

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Solely lightwaves required to be wavelength converted are filtered out from the input broadband WDM lightwaves and are wavelength converted by use of FWM. Not only the broadband simultaneous wavelength conversion that is studied by many researchers, but also more flexible, sub-band wavelength conver ...

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A galvanic cell separator composed of polyvinyl alcohol having a crystallinity of 0.4 or more to be used with a galvanic cell containing alkaline electrolyte, and a method of manufacturing the same.