Eugene Fitzgerald
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A semiconductor structure including a uniform etch-stop layer. The uniform etch stop layer has a relative etch rate which is less than approximately the relative etch rate of Si doped with 7×1019 boron atoms/cm3. A method for forming a semiconductor structure includes forming a uniform etch-stop lay ...

Li Shu, William Weinstein: Camouflage of network traffic to resist attack. The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Goodwin Procter, January 30, 2007: US07171493 (730 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for transmitting a file with enhanced transmission security through a network includes a file-splitting processor that splits the file into a plurality of message segments and addresses the plurality of message segments to a plurality of addresses assigned to a receiving host. The appar ...

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A quantum dot laser includes a laser host material; a plurality of quantum dots disposed in the host material; and a pumping source for exciting and inducing a population inversion in the quantum dots.

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A micro machined micro pump capable of flow rates on the level of microliters per minute formed by micro machining of a semiconductor material such as silicon with a set of channels or passages and having a semiconductor membrane interacting with the pattern of channels and passages and under select ...

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A precorrelation digital spread spectrum receiver includes a signal converter for amplifying and directly converting RF band spread spectrum signals received by an antenna to a digitized baseband signal comprising a sequence of N-bit quantized baseband values. The baseband signal is a linear composi ...

Jonathan J Bernstein: Acoustic transducer with improved low frequency response. The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Iandiorio & Teska, September 19, 1995: US05452268 (184 worldwide citation)

An acoustic transducer includes a perforated member; a movable diaphragm spaced from the perforated member; spring means interconnecting the diaphragm and the perforated member for movably supporting the diaphragm relative to the perforated member; a pressure equalization slot for controlling the fl ...

Michael Foley: Automated manufacturing costing system and method. The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Iandiorio & Dingman, September 28, 1993: US05249120 (181 worldwide citation)

An automated manufacturing cost estimating method and system with indirect cost allocation which identifies a material in an initial state for manufacturing a product in a final state; defines an operation for converting the material from its initial state into the final state of the product; calcul ...

Jonathan J Bernstein: Acoustic transducer. The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Iandiorio & Dingman, September 8, 1992: US05146435 (158 worldwide citation)

An acoustic transducer includes a perforated capacitor plate; a movable capacitor plate spaced from the perforated plate; springs for movably supporting the movable capacitor plate relative to the perforated plate; and a support structure for supporting the perforated and movable plates, where the m ...

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The transformable vehicle comprises a central chassis assembly having first and second distal ends with an axis passing therebetween, a first wheel assembly mounted to the first distal end, and a second wheel assembly mounted to second distal end. A multifunction transformable vehicle comprising at ...

Frank J Siraco, David S Barrett: Sperical ball positioning apparatus for seamed limp material article assembly system. The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Lahive & Cockfield, June 6, 1989: US04836119 (151 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus for controlling the position of a sheet member (e.g., fabric) slidingly supported on a work surface, utilizing a drive train consisting of one or more drive wheels frictionally engaging a spherical ball captively supported within a housing. The drive wheels are preferrably locat ...