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A method of heating an oil shale formation to produce shale oil includes radiating RF energy into the oil shale formation for a predetermined first time interval from a first borehole which penetrates said oil shale formation. Shale oil is produced when available during said first time interval from ...

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The invention uses two vertical wells and a horizotal well located within the underground formation extending between the two vertical wells. A thermal fluid is injected into the formation through the first vertical well. Hydrocarbons and other fluids are produced from the horizontal well through a ...

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Solid hydrocarbon materials present in subsurface earth formation such as, for example, the coke like residue remaining in a subterranean tar sand deposit which has previously been exploited by controlled oxidation depletion, is converted to a synthesis gas composition by contacting the solid hydroc ...

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A method and apparatus is applicable to in situ heating of oil shale or tar sand. The heating is by radio frequency that is applied down hole by a central conductor that extends beyond a coaxial shielding conductor to form the antenna or applicator. Encroachment by the heated formation is overcome b ...

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A method of recovering petroleum from an underground reservoir by employing an in-situ combustion at a pressure of at least 120 bar by the simultaneous injection of oxygen and water whereby the temperature is controlled in the range of 450.degree.-550.degree. C.

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This is an improved continuous process for producing a clean methane-rich gas stream without the concomitant formation of particulate carbon which would ordinarily decrease the efficiency of the process and shorten the life of the catalyst. By-product superheated steam is simultaneously produced at ...

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A method for starting a process to recover energy raw materials from a subterranean formation whereby igniters are injected into the upper region of the formation and inert gas is injected into the lower region of the formation, and thereafter an oxygen-containing gas is injected at a predetermined ...

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A method is provided for increasing the rate of injection of flooding fluids into injection wells. A slug of polar solvent or a mixture of polar solvent and non-aqueous flooding fluid is injected into the injection well to displace aqueous and hydrocarbon liquids in the rock surrounding the injectio ...

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A pulsed source of high energy neutrons is used to irradiate the earth formations in the vicinity of a well borehole. Gamma rays produced by the inelastic scattering of the fast neutrons are observed in four energy regions of the gamma ray energy spectrum corresponding to the inelastic scattering of ...

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A method for the recovery of low API gravity viscous oils or bitumen from a subterranean formation by the injection of a mixture of an oxygen-containing gas and steam having an optimum gas/steam ratio that is decreased as the cumulative amount of steam is increased.