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A method of firmly securing a catheter body to a surface portion of human skin, without causing the catheter body to be bent or reducing the diameter of the inner passage of the catheter body. This method employs a catheter-securing member which comprises a cylindrical body for allowing the catheter ...

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Disclosed is an enzyme sensor for measuring a predetermined substrate concentration by potentiometric or amperometric response on the basis of an enzyme. In one aspect, a solid-state enzyme sensor measures a predetermined substrate concentration by potentiometric response and includes a solid enzyme ...

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A guide wire for a catheter having a body portion comparatively high in rigidity and a distal end portion comparatively flexible.

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An assembly to be detachably mounted on a body fluid monitoring system is provided. The assembly has a lancet and a device for collecting and detecting a body fluid. The lancet has a puncture needle. In this assembly, the puncture needle is maintained in sterilized conditions until its use, and the ...

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This invention provides a medical instrument having on a surface a layer (surface lubricating layer) that forms a hydrogel when wetted and that is composed of an insolubilized water-soluble or water-swellable polymer having a reactive functional group in the molecule. The surface having outstanding ...

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Disclosed are an instrument for expanding a tubular organ such as a blood vessel and for keeping the tubular organ expanded for a predetermined period of time, and a catheter for mounting said instrument at a desired position within the tubular organ, said catheter being capable of moving and recove ...

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A medical instrument comprises a main body having a path formed therethrough, through which a tubular member is insertable or drawable. A valve body is provided in the path of the main body, maintaining at least a liquid-tight state with the rod-like member, when the path is opened by the rod-like m ...

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A medical instrument having a path for receiving a bar-like member and a combination of valves provided in the path. The combination of valves comprises a first disc-like valve having a first slit open only to one of the end faces thereof and a second slit open only to the other of the end faces the ...

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A catheter guide wire is for use in guiding of a catheter to a destination position in vessels in body and comprises a solid core wire of a Ti-Ni shape memory alloy and an outer jacket covering the core wire. In order to provide a plasticity to one end portion of the core wire, at least one end port ...

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The guide wire (1) comprises a first wire (A) located on the distal side and having an appropriate elasticity, a second wire (B) located on the proximal side and having a flexural rigidity greater than that of said first wire and a tubular connector (12) for joining the first and second wires (A,B). ...