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A lightweight tension structure having a multiplicity of arches, strong tensioned membranes attached to and supported by the arches which are anchored to and supported by a common base in such a manner to maintain tension in the membranes and on the attachment of the membranes to the arches. A conti ...

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A vaulted membrane structure that has a series of substantially curved vertical arches that can be arranged in a modular construction to support a flexible membrane that is attached to the arches and tensioned between them in a formed inward depression to minimize vibration and flutter and to increa ...

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A pre-stressed arch supported membrane structure, a method of assembly and erection and a means of tensioning a membrane of double curvature supported by and attached to upright arches.By moving the ends of flat resilient arch structural members closer together, pre-stressed arches are formed by 'bo ...

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Large hollow curved beams and arches are inexpensively produced by curving individual shallow components, such as channels, that are then tiered to form a large laminated member. Smaller beams or arches can be made by tiering the components, curving them all at one time, then fastening them together ...

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A tent-like structure, hereinafter called a 'pavilion,' which includes two more or less upright arches which are mounted with their legs near but may be spaced from each other to provide for ventilation, another arch on each side of the upright arches which is inclined away from them, and a membrane ...

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A tent-like structure, hereinafter called a vaulted membrane structure that has a series of curved arches and a panel of flexible covering material attached to and tensioned between each pair of arches. In one embodiment, the arches on each side of an intermediate portion of the pavilion are mounted ...

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This disclosure describes and illustrates longitudinal and inverted tension cables or other type of flexible or resilient members which may be unevenly spaced and/or unevenly tensioned and secured to a flexible membrane type of architectural roof structure for the purpose of eliminating or diminishi ...

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A tent-like structure, hereafter called a vaulted shelter, a series of curved arches and a panel of flexible membranous material attached to each pair of arches and tensioned in both directions with the panels concavely curved in the direction of the spacing of the arches as well as convexly curved ...

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A vaulted membrane shelter comprising a multiplicity of vertical arches with curved bights, spaced apart, mounted on a base forming a frame that supports a flexible highly tensioned roof membrane operatively attached to the arches and curved concavely inward between them sufficiently to enhance its ...

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A fire protection system for an arch supported membrane structure comprising a plurality of hollow arches containing a cooling medium. The arches can be made water tight so that they can serve as water mains to supply a sprinkler or deluge system above or below the roof membrane.