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In a gravity stabilized thermal miscible displacement process for recovery of normally immobile high viscosity hydrocarbons in a subterranean formation, a steam and solvent vapor mixture is injected into the top of the formation, thereby establishing a vapor zone across the top of the formation. The ...

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A method of increasing the permeability of a subterranean hydrocarbon bearing formation penetrated by a wellbore and includes inducing a primary horizontal fracture in the formation which preferably extends from an injection well to a producing well. A system of microfractures is caused to be formed ...

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Apparatus and method for computing the cost per unit length of borehole drilled by a drilling apparatus, as for example, the cost per foot of borehole drilled. First signals representative of incremental lengths of an interval of borehole depth drilled and a second signal representative of the accum ...

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A composition of matter suitable for the confinement of oil floating on water consisting essentially of a drying oil, a carrier selected from the class consisting of liquid alcohols, ketones and ethers, and a water insoluble metallic soap catalyst. The composition is used to control oil slicks on wa ...

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A method for drilling an oil or gas well or the like which does not utilize a conventional derrick and rig which requires several operators and extensive moving equipment and the like, but rather the drilling is carried out with a minimum of simplified equipment. The invention contemplates mounting ...

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Uncontrolled flow of oil and gas from petroleum wells located in a body of water, is stopped by a procedure performed below the water surface at a location which is free from wave action and is safe from the danger of fire or explosion. An access conduit line is hot-tapped into the production tubing ...

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Apparatus and process for an energy saving system for the fractionation of a C.sub.4 stream containing predominately n-butane and isobutane using an open heat pump cycle in which the n-butane bottoms from the fractionation are the compressing medium and isobutane overhead is used to vaporize the n-b ...

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Finely divided, preferably colloidally sized magnesium metal particles in an aqueous suspension are infused throughout a hydrocarbon-bearing formation and combusted or reacted with water for in-situ combustion to heat the formation.

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In the method, a hot gas is flowed linearly through a slightly inclined treating area. Colemanite ore particles are repeatedly elevated and dropped substantially vertically through the gas while they are simultaneously advanced countercurrent to the gas flow. This movement is continued until the ore ...

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A method for controlling drilling mud loss from a wellbore penetrating a thief formation. It includes the steps of storing a supply of unpopped cereal grain, such as popcorn, at the well site. Upon the indication of loss of drilling mud to the thief formation, a supply of the cereal grain is popped ...